Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 16/09/2018

Wait, Brisbane! We promise. It gets better. Don’t believe us? We’ve had to use the word beer twice…and witches once.


10) John Howard launches The Art of Persuasion

21st Sep

Okay, we can explain. We know we have a…varied audience and honestly, considering who seems to have so recently accepted the mantle of Prime Minister…we can’t say we’re not nostalgic for this prejudiced little putz.


9) Dome Gong Sound Experience

21st Sep

A “very special evening of Gong Sound journey that will echo deeply through your heart and soul, rejuvenating your body and mind on a cellular level.” Bring your family…close your eyes…and then open them. While everyone else has their eyes closed, regenerating their cell minds or whatever, sneak out and start your life as a free drifter.


8) Shé D’Montford Appearing at The Witches Market

22nd Sep

Smell that? Probably. It’s the enchanting aroma of incense, improperly stored herbs with incorrectly translated inappropriate latin names and a lack of deodorant. That’s right, the witches market is curling its black tendrils round Jimboomba with drumming circles, holistic healing, and substances we have been disappointingly assured are legal.’Montford-Appearing-at-The-Witches-Market/745d82f0-b9fd-11e8-b14f-a713526e5192


7) Festuri Annual Multicultural Festival

22nd Sep

Don your most culturally inappropriate appropriative fashion and head on over to this free family multicultural festival! Because your family will not want to be associated with someone wearing what is such a ridiculously cheap form of cultural appropriation…and that’s when you make your escape.


6) Unleashed: Exhibition Opening Party

21st Sep

The opening night of an exhibition exploring the convergence of art and design. And no. No we don’t mean that thing you have in your garage that you decided to make when you turned 30 and released you were wasting your incredible potential as an insurance adjustor.


5) PARK(ing) Day 

21st Sep

Parking. You can never find a bloody space in this city. Well, get ready for that problem to worsen tenfold! For Brisbane city council is playing host to Park(ing) Day wherein teams of artists transform on-street car parking spots into temporary public parks and other spaces for the community to enjoy!


4) The Beeries

20th Sep

Finally. Recognition. This is Australia and it’s about damn time beer is honoured for its tireless role as teacher, mother and secret lover. Canapés, dinner and drinks will accompany this nod to Queensland’s brewery industry.


3) Brisbane Pride Fair Day

22nd Sep

You know…we’re not usually ones for complex emotional introspection ,but this is an odd feeling. For this, Brisbane Pride Fair Day is the first celebration since the passage of marriage equality…and it’s currently 2018. Perhaps…one this day of fantastic stall holders, roving entertainment and local talent, we’ll be able to forget that troglodytic section of society that clings on like a tumour to some irrelevant bit of us that’ll hopefully drop off some day in the shower or something. Cause our medicare now won’t cover the costs required to surgically remove it.


2) Beer InCider Experience

21st & 22nd Sep

60+ Independent breweries celebrating 5 years and 1 hell of a hangover. Well…what are you waiting for?


1) Heritage Bank Festival of Food & Wine

21st-23rd Sep

3 days of food, wine, floral displays, and…uh…celebrity landscapers…there’s never been a more delightful way to say sayonara to the winter. You know. Other than sticking that somehow mouldy bottle of Vicks back where it belongs.

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