Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 15/07/2018

Give the finger to your soul and mind, Brisbane. This week is all about your guts, your butts and your burning subdermal flesh.


10) Carbs with the Kings of Rock n Roll

19th July

Ahh, Elvis, the king of rock and idol to thousands. Well, what are you waiting for? Live out your fantasies with a night as pleasing to your ears as it will be to the big and tall pant shop you’ll soon be frequenting.


9) A Very Vegan Christmas in July

21st July

Frankly, we see no reason why you wouldn’t want to go to this one. Reconstituted soy balls, anyone?


8) Sacred Space LIVE

21st July

Immerse yourself in pure sound. And no, this won’t be like the time you went to that concert, got stuck next to the speaker and spent the next 90 mins trying to hear dubstep through your own blood-drenched ear drums.


7) An Evening with Michael Leunig

18th July

Meet the man who gave your pre-pubescent lizard brain false confidence in your meagre artistic abilities.


6) A Tea Flight Experience

21st July

Activate your senses; activate your colon. The most elegant quasi-enema you will ever experience.


5) An Intimate Dinner with Truffles and Livon

18th July

We all need a little class now and then. So slip into your elegant evening gown and hork down a crap ton of fungus and old grapes.


4) David Griggs – Exhibition Opening

20th July

Get down on the floor. That’s where he’ll be. Undermining everything you assumed about the nature of the human condition in relation to culturally oppressed communities.


3) No Lights No Lycra

20th July

Exactly what it says, kids. 90 mins, lights off, go wild. The event holders take no responsibility for any drones that may be present.


2) Out of Time – Shark Edition

21st July

You know what they say about the underground. It’s full of…sharks? Metaphorical sharks. With their…sharp teeth and…okay. We give up. Not even Coleridge could save this metaphor. Look, electronic underground music. All night. That’s the gist.


1) Australian Tattoo Expo – Brisbane

20th-22nd July

Grease those limbs and sharpen those instruments, kids. This isn’t your mother’s needlepoint club. Though you may spot a few people around that are certainly big fans of her.

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