Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 14/10/2018

Consider this a warning Brisbane. You’re about to be in the middle of a raging storm. But at least it has a brilliant caterer.


10) Conscious Life Festival

20th October

Transform your life through holistic health, self awareness and sustainable living. For two days. Then retreat back into your vice-riddled life of violent delusion.


9) Fara In The Stars

19th October

Fun to say, even more fun when you’re drunk. Even more fun when you’re at a party fundraiser trying to pronounce the name of the disease you’re trying to fund the research  for: Friedreich’s ataxia. Sounds like Germany’s heading for a market crash.


8) Jordy Maxwell

14th October

Another indie musician. Where do these guys keep coming from, you ask? Well, this might explain it. He’s returning, you see, to the Milk Factory. No wonder their innocence is so bloody cloying and leaves a film of phlegm in your throat.


7) Après Mixer

20th October

Kick off the warmer months with alcohol that doesn’t warm your bones…but definitely makes them somewhat more fluid. Complimentary drinks, a media wall, a grazing table, roaming platters, a candy buffet, a doughnut wall, live entertainment, so many ways to slowly kill every aspect of your physical self. We’ll drink to that.


6) Chefs in the City

18th October

Chefs will take over a giant tugboat and cram you full of shucked oysters and other gourmet fare whilst you float calmly upon a sea and try to shield your eyes from that troubling sign by the wharf that warns you not to fish because the sea life is pumped full of mercury.


5) MMAD Festival

20th October

A showcase of…we want to say…Narangba’s (?) vibrant arts community with dance, performances, guest artists and food stalls. One for the kids. Let them have their childish dreams. It all goes to hell when they realise no one’s going to express rapturous delight at their ability to sing a song out of tune when they’re stuck in an office filing paperwork to have the printer fixed.


4) Jacaranda Gin Fest

20th October

When the bloom of the Jacaranda tree is here, it’s time to get drunk on the stuff that briefly annihilated England. Hell, they’ve made a whole festival out of it.


3) Carosello Italiano

19th October

Experience some of Italy’s most unique regional dishes and wines. Look, we’re not really selling the dishes part of it. We may be adventurous but when food is described as unique and regional…we’re usually trying to figure out how much of the blood stew is comprised of eyeballs and ballsacks.


2) Cheap Trick Tour 

18th October

Surrender to the dream police. They want you to want them.


1) Bill Bailey Earl of Whimsy Tour 

16th Oct

Genius, polymath, virtuoso, comedian, and the longest haired bald man will be foraging for nuts and berries on stage.

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