Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 14/04/2019

The mutinous are at the helm and they’re brandishing banana leaves. The days of the peaceful vegan are truly over.


10) Death By Pinball

20th April

What: A 24 hour pinball marathon, not for the feint of heart. A ‘match play’ event, you’ll be pitted against Netherworld’s gnarliest denizens over many, many, many rounds until the early hours of the following day. The venue will be closed to the public, but open just for these damned souls. In between rounds, you’ll be free to play Netherworld’s many machines, compete in a side comp or have a quick rest on the ‘stage pit of shame’.

Why: 24 hours of pinball. 24 hours locked in a venue with no showers. 24 hours and the bar closes at 3am. They had us until that third thing.


9) The Badlands and The Royal Artillery at Lefty’s

20th April

What: The Badlands have returned in 2019 with their highly anticipated new single ‘Ultraviolent’ due for release in May. With a drum introduction that punches through the solar plexus like a cannonball at short range, there’s no way you won’t know about it. In the lead up to the release the band are rearing up to play their first major comeback show at Brisbane’s Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall. It promises to be a show of grand proportions with some much relished time on the stage and a host of new material ready to go.

Why: Celebrate the Easter season by getting “punched through the solar plexus” by something other than your recently divorced aunt’s experimental gourmet cooking.’s/10aae400-5c1e-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


8) Easter Weekend-Er

20th April

What: Celebrate the Easter weekend with a brilliant line up of international DJs and local DJs! Come get fruity on the roof! Featuring: W.I.L.K.O, Wongo, Cutsnake and Little Fitter.

Why: We’ll admit, we’d not heard of ‘W.I.L.K.O’ or any of the other talents on show before, but if the headliner is anything to go by he ‘enjoys a quality bus hustle (making tunes to and from work)’. Do with that information what you will.


7) Là Vibrations Present Marika Rossa

14th April

What: With her own unique style, Marika Rossa is a DJ in high demand who lays killer grooves across the world. Having finished the summer season with a brilliant show at Echelon Festival in Germany and an extremely crammed intercontinental Christmas tour, she is now packing her records to spin at Fabrik Club in Madrid. Come experience the techno goddess live.

Why: How oft techno producers seek to emphasise their individuality is perhaps telling. Like a youth pastor that gets a purple streak in their hair and starts calling everybody ‘dude’.


6) North Brisbane Easter Festival

19th April

What: The North Brisbane Easter Festival (NBEF) is a yearly, free, family-fun festival with Easter egg hunts, inflatables, food trucks, photo booth, chai tent, graffiti wall, petting zoo, face painting, crafts, live music, games, competitions and more!

Why: One of the few times having children isn’t a massive financial kick in the nuts.


5) Thriller: 10 Years of ADTR’s Homesick

20th April

What: Brisbane’s biggest, best and OG punk/hardcore party. Nothing but the best punk/hardcore/metal/party jams you can’t get enough of until the sun comes up.

Why: Because when the sun comes up and your pupils readjust to the light you realise the full horror of your situation.’s-Homesick/4a48c200-5c1d-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


4) Banana Leaf Vegan Buffet

20th April

What: By popular request, the Banana Leaf Vegan Banquet returns to Wandering Cooks! A selection of about 15 dishes are served on fresh banana leaves in traditional South Indian Style. All of the food is gluten free and made from produce sourced locally. Among the dishes to be included you will find Coconut Green Beans, South Indian Pumpkin, Jackfruit Curry, Heirloom Tomato Curry and many others. The Wandering Cooks bar will be open with a superb vegan wine and beer selection to cater to your drinking needs.

Why: See? Vegans aren’t just militant protesters intent on over-moralising to the point of what has been called terrorism. They’re also capable of vague ignorance and cultural appropriation.


3) Goin’ Down South! ft. Dan Woolley & Makers Mark

17th April

What: National Whisk(e)y ambassador, Dan Woolley, will be tail-gating a load of wax-dipped Kentucky gold through the doors come nightfall! Several variations of Makers Mark (and a couple of cocktails!) will be paired alongside classic southern-styled dishes that’ll be sure to make Mama proud. There’ll be live music from local improv band The Yam’s to keep them feet tappin’ all through the night!

Why: Nothing makes a mother more proud than a chronic alcoholic.’-Down-South!-ft.-Dan-Woolley-and-Makers-Mark/268eab20-5c1a-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


2) Australian Street Entertainment Carnival

19th-22nd April

What: Surfers Paradise is hosting a free, four-day, family-friendly school holiday event bursting with live performances! From the ever-popular dare-devil feats like knife and fire juggling to outrageous acrobatics, energetic dance, amazing music, and mysterious magic acts, there will be plenty of performances to keep the whole family entertained.

Why: It’s free and it’s louder than your children.


1) Mutiny! Bacardi Take-Over feat. Peter Hollands

16th April

What: Bacardi-Martini’s National Brand Ambassador, Peter Hollands, will be commandeering the good-ship for an afternoon of rum-forward cocktails featuring a favourite Puerto Rican spirit, Bacardi! You can expect the freshest of daquiris and mojitos, some bold and beautiful stir-downs and the most pleasantly spicy high-balls. Muy Caliente!

Why: There’s no better way to dull the anxiety and depression induced by reflecting on the current state of Puerto Rico than alcohol. Lots of alcohol.!-Bacardi-Take-Over-feat.-Peter-Hollands/dc39ee80-5c1a-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192

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