Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 13/01/2019

This week, you’re going to suffer, Brisbane. But you’ll be rewarded. With disco.


10) Mutual Making with Caitlin Franzmann & Dhana Merritt

19th January

What: Mutual Making at Tree Place invites you to the gallery lawn for an afternoon of communal divination readings with Caitlin Franzmann. The readings will be accompanied by a healing seed tea.

Why: Nothing’s more hilarious than a bunch of out-of-context hippies trying to divine your future in the semi-darkness from a bunch of lines you drew on your own hand in felt tip.


9) Yogi Adventure Day

13th January

What: An awesome hike through the rainforest, a delicious vegan lunch and kirtan (yoga sound meditation) at Mount Cootha.

Why: Wear sunglasses. Proper ones. You’ll want to avoid the severe retina damage from an afternoon at staring at all those blindingly white faces.


8) Sufferfest 

18th January

What: SufferFest 2019 aims to encourage people to work as teams to climb as many vertical meters as possible in a 12hr period. Teams will need to strategize and support each other to cover as much territory as possible whilst having fun.

Why: It’s for charity. We know. You’d rather donate an organ. Whoever’s organ. But there is one upside to this. Come ‘in support’ of one of your most boring acquaintances. Then secretly  sip whisky in the air-condition and watch their nipples become raw, bloody misshapen lumps of pus.


7) Grum (Anjunabeats) at Family

19th January

Why: Recently finding himself listed as one of the top ten selling Progressive DJ’s on Beatport, Graeme Shepherd, aka Grum, is on incredible form. To date he’s had six tracks in the Beatport Top Ten, plus, overall, a remarkable 31 releases in the Beatport Top 100. This has amounted to spending over 1000 days in the Top 100. Come let this behemoth of prog and trance send you on a transcendental journey.

Why: Inasmuch as you’ll transcend the ability to hear the normal decibel range to a point where a truck barrelling down the road will seem like a bluebird.


6) IWTFA x Penelope – Two Five (Up Late Warehouse Experience)

19th January

What: Cam and Shannon have been impressively sculpting their signature sound with their more deeper approach weaving into areas of vocal house and tech with soul, but over the last couple months they have developed a “Up Late Warehouse Experience” performance more suited to the techno lovers.

Why: Techno? Warehouse? Why, just wait until everyone’s inside this club, seal it off so the horror is contained and then retreat to the nearest quiet pub where the most offensive sound will be the old derelict in a corner mumbling racist epithets.


5) Wolf & Willow Live

13th January

What: Adorned with lush strings and a career-best performance, Wolf and Willow’s new single ‘Falling’ marks a bold step towards a more sophisticated folk sound. A song that explores moments of joy within a flurry of chaos, ‘Falling’ is about finding the eye of the storm and waltzing inside of it. Come here them live.

Why: What’s more wonderful than listening to live folk music? Being drunk enough to not despise live folk music.


4) Gabriel Iglesias – One Show Fits All 

16th January

What: Gabriel Iglesias returns to Australia with his One Show Fits All World tour!

Why: We’ll be honest. We don’t much about this guy. But, hey, at least we’re not promoting Kevin fucking Hart. Not again.


3) Jimeoin – Result! 

18th January

What: “Jimeoin recalls the familiar at a fantastically silly level, boiling his audience down to a tear-filled, gibbering mess” (Scotland on Sunday). Jimeoin is internationally acclaimed as one of live comedy’s masters, so don’t miss your chance to see this guy live.

Why: He will not challenge you. But, honestly, who the hell wants to be challenged these days? So, you ruin of a human being, come. Drink and laugh rather than drink and weep.!-Gold-Coast/43423140-0ee2-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


2) The Jacksons, Kool & The Gang + More

15th January

What: Australia’s biggest ever Motown party will be shaking their groove things across the nation with The Jacksons, Kool & the Gang, The Pointer Sisters, Village People and more.

Why: If you’ve ever wanted to revisit a time when flared sequinned pants were an un-ironic thing, then polish up your walker and crank up that hearing aid!


1) Mumford & Sons Delta Tour

15th January

What: With new single ‘Guiding Light’ released last month, Mumford & Sons have once again proven, they are in the form of their lives. In support of their forthcoming fourth album, Delta, the wildly popular quartet will reconnect with a fanbase hungry for new material!

Why: So, kids, don your fedoras and listen to every vaguely exotic tourism ad you can, for the hipster kings of inoffensive alternative folk are back.

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