Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 19/08/2018

No need to fight the cold, Brisbane. We have your back. For this week is highly flammable. Oh yeah, and Bob Dylan’s here.


10) AFROfest

25th August

We’ll bet this isn’t your usual fodder. After all, we are Australians and gospel music is not traditionally our jam…however…we’re willing to bet you there’s a lot to be said for the bombastic pleasure of drinking a fifth and singing your goddamn…woops…we mean uhh gosh darn…guts out to a bunch of songs where the dramatic bits are all the bits and half the words are jesus.


9) Gold Coast Wedding Festival

24th August

Here comes the bride. Or, well she will. The groom too. Cause this one isn’t your typical wedding festival. Live DJs, free food, booze up the wahzoo (which we believe is some new kind of hybrid flower that’s all the rage for weddings this season)…this’ll make that marker of your hellish descent into a life of humdrum mediocrity seem…almost worth it.


8) Tribe Festival

25th August

“Taking you to the next level”. We’re not totally clear on what that entails, though it the event is to celebrate Electric Forest’s birthday – a community of free expression, sound and lighting experimentation and the Byron Bay underground music scene – so…we’re envisioning some kind of Frankensteinian electro-therapy monster mash in technicolour.


7) Sandcliffe Writers Festival

24th August

It’s about time you diversified your literary dosage beyond the hair products adjacent to your toilet while your iPhone’s charging. A boutique literary event; this writers’ festival showcases the best in the new talents of indigenous literature helmed by a literary dinner begging to feature on your Instagram at EclecTea Vintage Cafe. As we so oft say diversity; vintage – two Instagrammable birds, one stone.’-Festival/28af39d0-a502-11e8-a7fe-5787bc7ecd7b


6) Technicolour Multicultural Festival 

25th August

Rides, live bands, firetrucks, and children-friendly, this is one event for the kids living with autism. There are no jokes to be made here, this is simple clean fun. And an investment you’ll only have to make once a year while the rest of the year maintaining a deadbeat distance from your progeny.


5) FEMININUS: Opening Night

24th August

This is an…odd one. But we’re nothing if not enthusiastic voyeurs of the “…odd”. If only to deepen our own denial about our relative normalcy. A unique and hybrid exhibition of the Jungian feminine forms including an opening night with a performance and an exhibition relating to Melanie Jeffers’ outlandish fashions created for dancers and those who’ve come to drink and gawk.


4) Bonfire Sacred Sounds Kirtan Festival

25th August

A night of bonfire, booze and braying incessantly to your exhausted friends the week after about how environmentally conscious you are. So sit back, relax under the stars and enjoy vegan delights alongside the requisite fireside firewater. Hey. You need something to digest all those damn plants.


3) Flamin’ Psychos

25th August

Yep. It’s not just you, for once. (Though…you may want to ask yourself why exactly the neighbours dog’s telling you to dump the bodies in the abandoned warehouse – surely the quarry is the smarter way to go.) Doofland is warming up for the biggest night of psytrance, eats and drinks to which you’ll ever surrender the last flecks of your sanity.’-Psychos/d2faa450-a4fe-11e8-a7fe-5787bc7ecd7b


2) Australian VR Film Festival

22nd-26th August

Are you ready to experience the next generation of film? Enter this. “The Australian Virtual Reality Film Festival showcases the world’s greatest virtual reality short films, music videos, documentaries and creative works“, and, by gum, the potential here is boundless.


1) Bob Dylan And His Band

24th August

Oh, we don’t need to sell you on this one. You’ve already bought the ticket

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