Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 12/01/2020

Six whiskies, two Johnnies, one Elton. Take on an empty stomach.


10) Backdock Arts 2020 Season Launch Party

18th January

What: Come celebrate another year with Backdock Arts performing arts theatre and be the first to see what they have in store for 2020. The season will be announced at 7pm followed by a 20’s themed party.

Why: A night with theatre students calling each other “doll” and “stool-pigeon” and asking each other if they want to share a “bucket” home. Never has a pre-event entire bottle of whisky been so justified.


9) Handsdown & Leigh Boy (Live)

18th January

What: The Melbourne duo of Handsdown & Leigh Boy have become synonymous with playing high octane trend setting sets for years now. Handsdown, Leigh Boy and their notorious debauchery have become Australian bush doof regulars, having played highlight sets at festivals such as Rainbow Serpent, Strawberry Fields, Subsonic and Elements Festival. Frisson records are honoured to be able to bring these boys up to Brisbane for the very first Queensland headline show. They will deliver a powerful set full of their dirty techno selections.

Why: “Debauchery” and “doof” in the same sentence. The English language is a cruel mistress.


8) The Wet Fish (Live)

17th January

What: The Wet Fish are an instrumental live machine, delivering good times for all with a versatile and contagious mix of classic surf, spy, soul and high-energy rock and roll. With live shows offering a rousing blend of originals and a unique twist on crowd-pleasing gems, The Wet Fish are guaranteed to get the party started!

Why: Like the name. Exactly what you’d musically expect from generic surf rock. And you’ll forget the entire set thirty seconds after they’ve played their last note.


7) Cirque du Soleil: KURIOS – Cabinet Des Curiosités

12th-26th January

What: Cirque du Soleil will bring its newest creation to Australia: KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities. Created and directed by Michel Laprise, Kurios looks at a late 19th-century world inventor who invents a machine that defies the laws of time, space, and dimension in order to reinvent everything around him with steampunk elements featuring characters from another dimension that interact with him and a tribute to the power of the human imagination.

Why: Oh yeah. Those inventors from the 1800s were all about steampunk. Charles Darwin was really into Final Fantasy VI when he wasn’t drawing finch beaks.


6) Terror 2020 Tour feat. Malevolence

16th January

What: Terror formed in 2002 as a direct reaction to what was occurring in the underground musical scene that they called home. Disgusted with what was being presented and passed off as hardcore, they attempted to reclaim the bastardized genre by playing the music as it had originated; in it’s most raw, honest and angry form. Immediately, there was a connection with likeminded people across the globe, and led the band to continually play shows all over the world. Terror started as an idea, but quickly turned into a crusade. Terror captured the ferocity that the genre had been missing, and with their amazing work ethic and nihilistic approach to touring, they became the hardcore flag-bearers of this generation. Terror’s last few albums created movements immediately upon their release. Experience them live.

Why: So…the problem with hardcore music was that it wasn’t angry enough? Wow, we were way off.


5) Obituary ‘Cause Of Death’ Tour

16th January

What: Obituary remains one of the most influential and groundbreaking bands in the death metal genre, one which they helped to create. Combining hyper-speed guitar riffing, complex arrangements and guttural screams, the band created a bleak and violent soundscape for metal fans worldwide. In 1990 Obituary released the album ‘Cause Of Death’. One considered a classic in the history of the death metal genre, a masterpiece that has stood the test of time and, to this day, remains as a must have album for any death metal fan. Celebrating 30 years since its release, Obituary return to Australia to play the album in full, plus a choice selection of death metal cuts from their early years!

Why: Unfamiliar with their canon? Place an electric screwdriver deep in your ear canal and switch it on. Whatever follows will be far less sensorially invasive than listening to one of their songs.‘Cause-Of-Death’-Tour-(Brisbane)/f1e2d740-3335-11ea-bd3a-87e544f47372


4) The 2 Johnnies Podcast (Live)

16th January

What: With over 15,000 tickets sold for their national Irish tour earlier this year, six #1 singles and their #1 podcast in their pocket, it’s safe to say The 2 Johnnies hit the Irish entertainment scene with a bang. With a SOLD OUT nationwide comedy tour under their belts, “GET LOOSE’’ blew the roof off some of the biggest venues in Ireland. As a result, Johnny B (O’Brien) & Johnny Smacks (McMahon) have won the hearts of the nation with their hugely popular, hilarious comedy sketches and songs that capture the uniquely funny side of all things Irish. The 2 Johnnies are taking their incredible podcast show worldwide in 2020, bringing it live to Australia this summer. Tickets won’t last!

Why: You’ve read their list of qualifications. And if there’s one thing everyone knows it’s that mass popularity is a true sign of uniqueness.


3) Introduction to Irish Whiskey

18th January

What: Taste your way through six of Ireland’s best drams as your Captain explains the various methods of Irish distillation and it’s fascinating history in the world of whiskey. Was it in fact Irish whiskey that introduced the World to whiskey? From Irish Single Grain to Irish Single Malt and of course the whiskey that truly sets Irish whiskey apart – the Single Pot Still – you’ll be slinging some good ole’ whiskey slang in no time!

Why: Huh. We never knew “my mother never once hugged me” was whiskey slang. Looks like we’re more hip with the lingo than we previously thought.


2) Shakespeare’s As You Like It

17th & 18th January

What: A banished Rosalind, with best friend Celia and Jester in tow, travels into the Forest of Arden. While disguised as Ganymede, she meets a love sick Orlando who begs her to find a cure for his love. Thus ensues a delightful season of confusion, hilarity, romance and wit. This playful interpretation, complete with original music and choreography, features 30 of Queensland finest young performers and is not to be missed.

Why: If you’re one to quote Shakespeare in everyday conversation without fully understanding the context in which the particular phrase was used, you’ll recognise most of this play already.


1) Elton John ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road’ Tour

18th January

What: In response to enormous demand, and hot on the heels of the incredible global success of the epic musical fantasy Rocketman, Elton-mania has reached fever pitch! 13 years after he played the city to a record-breaking 22,000-strong audience, Sir Elton John returns to bid his final farewell. Don’t miss your last chance to see Elton!

Why: The bitch is back. Again.‘Farewell-Yellow-Brick-Road’-Tour-(Queensland-1st-Performance)/46f343a0-0cd0-11ea-b14f-a713526e5192

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