Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 11/11/2018

Ready your liver, Brisbane. It’s going to go down dancing this week. Well, convulsing, really.


10) Exhibition Opening Lone Star

16th November

A found-art (a fusion of sculpture, new media and fine art) exhibition of a young artist’s exploration of values gained, innocence lost, tensions and shifts in value, through emotionally charged and unique visual vernacular. Look, her name is Mona Ryder. Just in case that description pretty much applies to every contemporary artist exhibition in existence.


9) The Australian Cheese Tour

15th November

Take your taste buds on a tour of Australian artisan cheese at The Cheeseboard. Graze your way across the country’s award winning cheeses, paired with fine Australian wines, while learning about why cheese tastes the way it does. Though if you want to save a couple of bucks, buy a block of cheese and some 3 dollar wine from Aldi and a bag of off-brand German Doritos, set your microwave to ‘kill’ and discover true spiritual inner peace. It doesn’t matter why cheese tastes the way it does. It exists. That is enough.


8) The Brisbane Sound

17th November

In the late 70s and early 80s, there was an emergence of post-punk Brisbane bands. The Gin Club’s PhD professor Scott Regan has analysed songs from Brisbane artists and has composed and recorded a number of new songs that fit the idea of The Brisbane Sound. A live performance and talk seeking to define what exactly ‘The Brisbane Sound’ is, and, indeed if there is one. Other than the collective noise of thousands of sweaty nipples chafing in the intolerable heat.


7) Philthy’s Phuckin 50th

16th November

It’s the 50th birthday of Punktilious and they’re celebrating with six of Brisbane’s greatest punk rock bands live. Grab a whisky bottle and rock out at the Flamin’ Galah. Just maybe wait until you’re at least halfway through the whisky bottle before you smash it against your head and piss on the stage.’s-Phuckin-50th/3d3baa20-e47f-11e8-b14f-a713526e5192


6) Bubbles & Barrels Beer Festival

17th November

Pig ‘N’ Whistle is introducing their craft beer line-up for 2019 and you’re invited to the launch. Expect a night of good music, good vibes and good craft beer. Expect a morning of puke, someone else’s fedora on your head and realising that the one thing you remember is saying ‘I never realised how brilliantly complex The Village People’s oeuvre is’.


5) Moreton Bay Craft Beer Tour

17th November

A tour of Brisbane’s best craft beer bars including White Brick Brewing, Thirsty Chiefs Brewing Company, Brendale Brewing Company and Beardy’s Bar & Kitchen. The tour includes the tour, talks, behind the scenes explorations of the art of craft beer making, gourmet food and the aching realisation that not even putting the word ‘craft’ in front of your rampant addiction can salve the aching chasm of pain inside you.


4) Introduction to Scotch Whisky

17th November

Join the experts at the Whisky Room as they go through the basics of Scotch whisky whilst you taste six different drams. From Scotland to Japan, wherever the whisky hails from, we can all agree, just because something is more expensive and has ‘single malt’ in front of it, doesn’t change your alcoholism into connoisseurship.


3) Cosmic Connections

16th November

A multifaceted extravaganza of live music, live art and performance in a night brought to you by Cosmic Dolphin Agency, Cosmic Connections is a “psychedelic bonanza of intergalactic proportions”…populated probably with  out-of-shape old guys saying things like ‘groovy man…you wanna see my van art?’. Don’t worry, though. There’ll definitely be drugs.


2) Sam Smith The Thrill Of It All

11th November

English Contemporary R&B pop and soul singer-songwriter known for his breakthrough single ‘Latch’ and ‘Black and Gold’ is returning to Australian shores with his new tour ‘The Thrill of it All’. Thrilling. Breakthrough. Yes. That’s what all generic pop stars are known for. He’s already sung it. ‘If you’re not really there, it won’t really matter. This guy’s spun three chords into 20 singles’. We’re paraphrasing.


1) Bill Murray New Worlds Tour 

16th November

Legendary actor, comedian and all-round rogue Bill Murray is teaming up with virtuosic cellist Jan Vogler for a live performance that combines music and the art of words, discovering the artistic connections that have been fired between America and Europe and the rest of the world via American visionaries such as Twain and Hemingway, Bernstein and Gershwin. This is a live performance of artistic legacy. Note ‘artistic legacy’. We need not question the more troubling details of the personal lives of any of the roguish artists in this show. A cellist’s bow can be a pretty lethal weapon.

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