Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 09/12/2018

Coming wiggle into bed with us, Brisbane. We’ve got a nice cup of tea and some nice screaming death metal all cued up.


10) KnuckleCon 

14th December

What: It’s that time of year again, here’s your chance to be part of an informal group of cyber warriors to meet up and recount the wins, losses and other stuff like that. A night for gamers with food, drinks and fun.

Why: We don’t like to be prejudiced against the gaming culture and its inherent viciousness and sexism…but they have called it KnuckleCon. At a certain point, it’s out of our hands.


9) SYNERGY: A Cross Disciplinary Networking Exhibition

12th December

What: SAE Creative Media Institute invites you to a free exhibition of student work from their Animation, Audio, Design, Film, Games and Web departments. Explore the exhibits and support the talents of some of Brisbane’s best young creators!

Why: Or just stay home and watch the little millionaire assholes, sorry, ‘creators’, on youtube reviewing different types of packet soup via inhalation.


8) Australian Institute of Architects + EmAGN Christmas Party

13th December

What: A festive celebration of design, people and the contribution architects make to our city.

Why: Because if there’s one thing everyone thinks of when they consider the world’s greatest architectural cities it’s the city containing the Brisbane Transit Centre.


7) The Wiggles Wiggle Pop! Show

15th & 16th December

What: The Wiggles Pop! Big Show will feature all your favourite Wiggles songs such as ‘Do the Propeller!’, ‘E-M-M-A’, ‘Hot Potato’ and ‘Rock-a- Bye Your Bear’. You’ll see The Wiggles, their Wiggly friends and dancers, Santa Claus and dancing reindeers.

Why: Bring your kids! Or lock your kids at home, visit your sketchy friend Andy down the street with the things in interesting baggies, feel your pupils dilate and enjoy the hell out of the show!!-Show-2018-Brisbane/c9a996c0-d809-11e8-b14f-a713526e5192


6) Free Solo Screening

13th December

What: Free Solo is brought to you from the directors of Meru. It is a stunning, intimate and unflinching portrait of the free soloist climber Alex Honnold, as he prepares to achieve his lifelong dream of climbing the face of the world’s most famous rock. Come to the exclusive free screening of the film.

Why: Don’t feel too bad about your utter lack of achievements in life. Remember that time you managed to come up with a palatable cocktail containing all of the contents of your fridge? That baileys-whisky-orange-juice-soy-sauce-pickle-juice-tini probably went down smooth.


5) PSYCROPTIC + Orpheus Omega

14th December

What: One of the leaders of the modern death metal scene, Psycroptic, is going on tour with their Seventh album. Since their formation in 1999, the band have constantly evolved and broken through the boundaries that the genre can sometimes impose upon itself.

Why: Not only that, they’ve broken through all kinds of boundaries. Such as somehow something that is the antithesis of music can be now be called music.


4) Italian Xmas Aperitif

9th December

What: Come and sit back in a casual ‘al fresco’ Terrazza Bar and enjoy a delicious selection of Italian wines and a whole array of Italian antipasto tapas. Spend the evening in great company with good food and wine. Perfect for that last-minute get-together before the festive season.

Why: Sure as hell beats sitting alone in a deep pit of anxiety and depression thinking about the fact that soon you’re going to have to spend 5 whole hours listening to the symphony created by the political opinions of your geriatric relatives in combination with the political opinions of your vegan cousin who doesn’t shave on ‘principle’.


3) T.O.P Launch Party

14th December

What: This Launch Party of t.o.p is going to be a night of fun, fabulousness, drag, sass and slay that you’d be insane to miss! Starring Ashley Swift, Disco and Slaying Mantis.

Why: A delightful way to mentally counteract the upcoming social season of sitting in a room eating chicken that’s drier than your racist grandmother’s underpants. The blood relative that deserves your respect. She thinks you’re looking too Greek with that new haircut.


2) The Kevin Hart Irresponsible Tour

9th December

What: Kevin Hart is bringing his widely successful and massively hysterical ‘The Kevin Hart Irresponsible Tour,’ to Australia in 2018 and will perform 360º in- the-round – a first for a stand-up comedy tour of this scale.

Why: Yeah. The guy responsible for such comedically genius performances as Ride Along, Get Hard and Ride Along 2 is going on the road without the aid of a distractingly exorbitant Hollywood budget. You don’t want to miss this.


1) Jim Jefferies The Night Talker Tour

12th December

What: With a monumental seven comedy specials; his own acclaimed sit‐com (Legit) and self-titled late show on TV; sold out arenas around the world and an hour-plus of brand new material every time he hits the road with a new tour, the The Jim Jefferies Show anchor is heading back to Australia.

Why: He holds the world record for most uses of the word ‘cunt’ onstage. He’s a bloody pioneer.

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