Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 09/09/2018

We’re going to be honest with you, Brisbane. This week you won’t win. But there’s gin, there’s chocolate, and we’ll teach you how to get freaky dressed as Steampunk Healthy Harold. Who says being a loser doesn’t have its perks?


10) The Australian Academy of Cinemagraphic Makeup Campus Open Day

15th September

We know you, Brisbane. You’re into some freaky stuff. Embrace it. Embrace it RIGHT. The Australian Academy of Cinemagraphic Makeup is opening themselves up to you so you can finally learn how to secure that bird beak prosthetic on so it doesn’t fall off whilst your humiliating a pheasant atop your hogtied accountant.


9) HIA Brisbane Home Show

13th-16th September

We know. Change is hard. But it’s necessary. Frankly, it’s time to face the fact that it’s just not acceptable to consider magazine cut outs of 90s punk bands as wallpaper. SO come on down to the home show, “the best place to see, try and buy all the latest and greatest in home renovation and building products,” and get that smell of moulding Green Day out of your apartment.


8) Bubbles and Beauties

12th September

Calling all fashionistas. Oh, you have to wash your hair tonight? …What about tomorrow? You have to feed your fish. We get it. Umm. How bout Wednesday? Cause on the 12th of September City Hall will be bedecked with over 1500 new and old designed clothes, shoes, bags and accessories at outlet prices and there’s no way to fill that black hole where your heart should be, you two-timing hussie.


7) Eden pres. Luttrell

9th September

Look at this guy. You know you have to go to this thing in order to retain your access to the hipster-grade level of hygiene products your body has become dependent upon. Moustache wax is a dangerous addiction but you’re too far gone. There is no hope. So you might as well surrender to your addiction serenaded by the sounds of Luttrell’s  Berlin-inspired melodic techno.


6) Brisbane Eco Expo

14th-16th September

It’s exactly what it sounds like. And, frankly, we’re pleasantly shocked too. To sustain that amount of stamina over four whole days? …Impressive.


5) Everybody Loses by Doppelgangster

10th September

Listen up, Brisbane. If you think you’ve seen contemporary art before, think again. “From the religious ritual of Snake Handling to reptilian myths of genesis and revelation, EVERYBODY LOSES tears open societal obsessions with eternal youth, eternal life, and the destruction of our planet. Both a glorious spectacle and a grave work; sharply engaging with themes of climate change and the 6th great extinction; asking, with the unprecedented scientific documentation of the changing planet, and our failure to respond to the symptoms, is it too late to stop the poison?“. That’s right. We’re bringing you something that’ll last you not a week, not a month but probably around a month and a half as intellectual credit. And is marginally more preferable than actually trying to convince yourself that contemporary art justifies its own existence.


4) Gin Night

12th September

You know…it may seem that this world is…not the most easily processed via your internal logic. Don’t worry, your internal logic just needs a little grease. Get real greasy at the uni bar, for a night of the finest gins imaginable.


3) Sun Catchers

9th September

Catch the sun. Quick, in a box, before it makes love to those toxic greenhouse gases some more and blasts out a baby that’ll kill us all! Sorry. We…got a bit distracted there. No, this is a day party in a cosy independent space with DJs, world music, exotic electronic and funk that’ll have you saying: Goddamn. I should’ve started day drinking years ago.


2) Tea and Chocolate

15th September

Tea? Chocolate? Well, the one just gastrically solves the other, doesn’t it?


1) Brisbane Festival

8th-29th September

The winter’s releasing its icy grip, so it’s time once again, Brisbane. Wash your crusty eyes and clean out your holes, because Brisbane Festival – a festival of Brisbane’s best theatre, music, dance, circus, opera and general excessive spectacle is exploding across the city – and anyone still wearing a puffer jacket will be considered a worthy sacrifice at the Sunsuper Riverfire finale.

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