Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 09/06/2019

Slick your hair and prepare your curtsy. It takes class to guzzle Johnnie Walker.


10) Mutating Roots

9th June

What: Mutating Roots explores a Japanese woman’s identity away from her cultural home through her physical challenges of circus and movements. Playing with ideas of what it is to be an absent Japanese woman in her cultural home and a Japanese woman in Australia, and drawing on memories, resonances and traditional stories, Mutating Roots is a strange and otherworldly performance that will challenge expectations of how this woman should behave.

Why: Your cultural and intellectual tonic for the week. Don’t think you can leave halfway through. It’s…pretty much impossible to tell when that is.


9) Make Them Suffer Live

15th June

What: Following months of heavy touring through the North American winter alongside the likes of Born Of Osiris, The Acacia Strain and Chelsea Grin, as well as pulling huge crowds to their performances on the inaugural Good Things festival here in the Aussie summer, heavy metal indie band Make Them Suffer will undertake their biggest tour of their homeland to date this June.

Why: We’re not that well affiliated with the newer heavy metal bands, so we decided to give them a quick listen. We regret we can’t describe them further at the moment as we’re currently cleaning the blood of our exploded ear drums from the walls.


8) Red Hill Brewery Harvest BBQ Feast

15th June

What: Join Red Hill’s David Golding for a very special banquet style Harvest BBQ lunch featuring American BBQ (smoked in-house with Red Hill’s estate grown hops and pecan wood) including whole Etcetera Farm chicken, salt bush lamb shoulder, Cape Grim beef cheeks smoked harvest vegetables and all of the trimmings.

Why: We don’t mean to sound too sexy, but your colon’s gonna be real hard this weekend.


7) Good Doogs: Nobody/Alone Tour

15th June

What: 2018 was a massive year for WA’s Good Doogs. Their new single, which they’re now touring live, “Nobody/Alone”, is a jangly surf punk bop about anxiety and how it can overwhelm you. Sometimes you don’t even want to leave the house.

Why: Well, the joke is obvious here. Surf punk band live. You don’t even want to leave the house. You fill in the blanks.


6) Must Dine Langmeil 5.0

13th June

What: Must. Dine. Langmeil. 5.0 will be an unmissable opportunity to mingle with The Charming Squire’s culinary team and Langmeil Winery’s Winemaker. Become acquainted via your taste-buds with what it takes to make exceptional wine, and the thought process that goes into matching fine wine with a fabulously tailored five course menu.

Why: In our experience what makes exceptional wine is pretty clear: The three dollar price tag. Though…perhaps the context in which they’re using the term ‘exceptional’ is slightly…socioeconomically different.


5) Bass Swag presents Vanity Point with Takashi Himeoka

9th June

What: Takashi Himeoka graces the Wickham for an intimate party. A talented and innovative producer, Takashi’s supple rhythms and delicate production style has placed him at the forefront of the burgeoning Japanese minimal scene.

Why: A delicate and supple production…presented by ‘Bass Swag’. Isn’t youth culture afraid of reaching a point at which they’re using so many contradictions in terms that they somehow contradict their own existence and cease to exist?


4) Green Beacon x Botero House Beer Degustation

15th June

What: The Green Beacon team has linked up with Botero House and Dan Brown in an attempt to bring a new culture to beer, introducing the idea that beer can be a product of massive flavour and depth, crafted specifically to be paired with different foods and indulge the senses.

Why: What a bold new concept. Perhaps they should call it ‘Beer Craft’.


3) Johnnie Walker Rare Whisky Dinner

13th June

What: Come and experience the smooth, award-winning and distinctively bold taste of Johnnie Walker, paired perfectly with five exceptional tasting plates. This seamless blend of renowned flavours makes for one legendary evening you won’t want to miss.

Why: If you find yourself next week afraid that you did miss it, don’t worry. You won’t have. Check your sent text messages.


2) The 58th Annual Queen’s Ball Awards 

15th June

What: It’s time to celebrate the 58th Annual Queens Ball Awards, the longest continuous running LGBTIQ+ event in the world! This year it’s all about mythology and magic as you glam your way up the red carpet with your must GAGworthy looks! Whether it be the darkness of Pans Labyrinth, the lightness of faeries and folklore or the wonders of the wizarding world, make your choice and dress to impress.

Why: Face it. The only thing the British geriatric version is good for is the one day in the year that you don’t have to face the thing to which you have dedicated a vast portion of your largely insignificant life. The queens at this ball are the ones worth celebrating every day of the year.’s-Ball-Awards-2019/a8ca1110-8663-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


1) Whisky Live 

14th & 15th June

What: If you like good quality whisky, gin, rum or vodka, Whisky Live and Fine Spirits is the place to discover them all. If you know someone who likes whisky, and you prefer gin, you should both come along as there will be lots for both of you to experience. Plus of course, there will be a selection of food to graze on while tasting. And at the end if you really like what you taste, you can purchase a bottle to take home.

Why: Buying tickets to your troubling addiction makes it seem so much less troubling.

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