Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 07/04/2019

This week is designed to cater purely to your senses, Brisbane. Principally, your sense of impending doom at the thought of having to stroke the egos of teenage slam poets.


10) Brisbane Youth Week Slam Poetry Competition

10th April

What: Support local artists expressing themselves through spoken word and give a moment to young people’s creative voices. Held at the BSQ theatrette, you will become immersed in the energy and passion of these young poets.

Why: Ah, beat poetry. There’s nothing more enjoyable. Well, perhaps jamming a fork directly into your eyeball, but, hell, we have a weakness for ocular experimentation.


9) Holes N Hops

12th April

What: Take an early mark and join the Ashgrove Golf Club, where you will be playing 9 holes of golf with a shotgun start. Meet the Modus team, with a Modus beer at each hole. Finish up back at the golf club’s bar, where on course prizes will be handed out and the winner will be awarded cases of Modus beer. Don’t miss out on one hole of a tap tap take-over!

Why: Surround yourself with like-minded golf lovers. And appreciate the fact that you have to be blind drunk just to endure the company of people who find golf interesting.


8) Circus of the Senses

13th April

What: This Youth Week, the Circa Zoo ensemble invite you to experience the senses like young people do with a whimsical performance of spectacular circus where noises are louder, colours are brighter, and the world around you is more vibrant. Enter a playful world with Circa’s youth ensemble in Circus of the Senses as they dive, juggle, balance, and flip their way through exploring the nine senses, using their curiosity and imagination to envision a tenth.

Why: “Experience the senses like young people do”. Well, we have to admit, they know how to hook us in. Though their follow-up pitch is definitely not as cocaine-y as we thought it was going to be.


7) Beers and Burgers

13th April

What: A fun day out for blokes and their families! Grab a beer and a burger while your kids enjoy carnival rides, face painting and more!

Why: Nothing says ‘I’m satisfied with my life choices’ like having to get pissed in order to spend a day with your family.


6) ‘Tastes of Tassie’ Wine Tasting

11th April

What: John Fuller presents an evening of sampling some of the finest drops from the Tasmanian region. Delicious personal tasting platters will be served to compliment the wines.

Why: Toast a national afterthought with a night that prefaces your perennial afterthought: I shouldn’t have drunk that much.’Tastes-of-Tassie’-Wine-Tasting/bac15120-58bf-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


5) Method To The Madness Pop Up Dinner

12th April

What: Taking place over two days, enjoy food, drinks and desserts with a special dinner menu. A three course dinner, live music, beer and wine tastings and an elixir of hand-crafted canapé entrees, with your choice of mains and desserts.

Why: There certainly is a method to the madness. Add ‘pop-up’ in front of a restaurant and charge three times as much. Don’t knock it. It clearly works.


4) Dessert Dego

9th April

What: Rogue Bistro’s exclusive dessert dego is back by popular demand! Indulge in four courses of desserts to die for, while grazing on the house cheese board all night long.

Why: Diabetes and constipation in one night? They’re hitting all our pleasure points.


3) Gauchito Gil’s Malbec Day

7th April

What: Inspired by the legend of Gauchito Gil – a Robin Hood-type character who robbed the rich to feed the poor – Gauchito Gil’s Malbec Day will see the best Malbec producers from Argentina, Australia France and beyond come together for a day of tastings, tango, beer, empanadas and more.

Why: A day dedicated to a specific grape. Who knew that was a thing? Just one day? Out of the whole year? We’ve…clearly been overdoing it.’s-Malbec-Day/f8bd8030-58be-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


2) BOYZONE – The Farewell Tour

7th April

What:  After a quarter of a century together, the iconic Boyzone recently announced it’s time to say goodnight as they prepare for their farewell tour. In conjunction with the tour, the group have just released their final album Thank You & Goodnight, which includes collaborations with some very special guest songwriters in the shape of Ed Sheeran (Because) and Gary Barlow (Love).

Why: Remember Boyzone? God, we hope not. Because if you do, we’re really not connecting with our target audience.


1) Pure Brisbane 

12th April

What: One of Australia’s most loved techno events, returns for its fourth year! Celebrating techno and house music, PURE has quickly established itself as a must attend event for dance music fans across two countries, thanks to its reputation as an event where the audience can make a special connection with the DJs. A night of Pure techno, delivered with incredible sound in an old fashioned no nonsense, no fluff rave atmosphere.

Why: We’re enthralled by the many different ways in which techno music has surfaced in recent cultural history. In the same way a corpse intermittently resurfaces from the currents of the ocean as it alternately fills with gas and dissolves.

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