Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 03/02/2019

We’ve got all kinds of trixies up our sleeve this week, Brisbane.


10) Night of the Living Shred

9th February

What: Halloween may have come and gone, but the lust for blood and harrowing screams of Australia’s horror metal elite will never die! The ghosts with the most are rising from the grave to bring Brisbane punters another full day of metal. Ten bands, one stage, no clashes, plenty of beer and more mind-melting mosh pits than you can hurl a pint of fake blood at.

Why: We won’t bother too much with selling you on this. If you read the words ‘horror metal’ and are still reading then you’re already deaf. In which case you’ve already bought the ticket.


9) Chinese New Year’s Eve Year of the Golden Pig Banquet

4th February

What: King Tea has a special celebration for Chinese New Year, and it’s extra piggy to commemorate this special year of the Golden Pig! In addition to a special pork-laden Golden Pig Banquet, there’ll be traditional Lion Dancers performing mid-way through the banquet.

Why: Nothing so eases the passage of thick pork fat through the tract as being assaulted half way through the process by technicolour lions.’s-Eve-Year-of-the-Golden-Pig-Banquet/80dab990-26a8-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


8) Double Exhibition Opening: Dale Harding and Ana Mendieta

9th February

What: ‘Current Iterations’ is the first survey exhibition by Brisbane-based artist Dale Harding. The exhibition brings together new and recent works by Harding, focusing on shared languages permeating landscape, bodies, and objects. Alongside Harding’s ‘Current Iterations’ will be an exhibition of Ana Mendieta’s work titled ‘Connecting to the Earth’. The exhibition brings together two series of works by the Cuban American artist that are about connection to land. Rarely considered together, the Siluetaseries and the Rupestrian Sculptureseries powerfully demonstrate Mendieta’s idea of feminised nature.

Why: We don’t need to tell you that this is your intellectual injection for the week. In fact, don’t bother going. Take a picture of yourself looking pensive in front of an nondescript background, copy and paste a couple of phrases from the above description and you’re sure to get all the Instagram attention your fragile little terrified heart desires.


7) Mr Bunz presents Lunar New Year at The Deck

3rd February

What: Step into the lush laneway and be greeted with Chinese dragons, draped lanterns and baskets of fortune cookies. Presented by Mr. Bunz, you’re invited to enjoy a three-course roaming banquet for your pleasure. To end on a sweet note, Mr. Bunz will be offering their infamous peanut butter and jelly buns. To compliment your food coma, you will also receive a beer per course to enjoy, or if bubble tea cocktails are more your style, you can enjoy one included with your dessert.

Why: It’s February already. It’s been about three weeks since you admitted your resolutions were dead on arrival. So why not go headlong into the diabetic storm? There’ll be dragons.


6) Abigails Intergalactic

9th February

What: Join your super Sputnik hostess Eileen Surepuss as she promises you a gravity defying night with her out of this world crew. Alotta Bourbon will expose her own Big bang Theory. G-Force Flick Colby will project you into a whole new orbit. The Pacific Princess Dancers return from the outer stella reaches with more than one step for man. DJ Space Invader will be pumping you with electromagnetic tunes.

Why: You know a night of quality music is ahead when the names of the performers are confusing to the point wherein your brain is too exhausted to tell one genre from another.


5) Congrats, Ya Made It: Wine & Oyster Party

8th February

What First month back after the silly season is always the hardest. To celebrate, Shucks Bar and The Valley Wine Bar are getting together to throw a wine and oyster party! They’ll be slinging oysters and bug rolls and pouring special wines by the glass.

Why: No better way to celebrate the fact that you’ve made it through the inevitable indigestion of the post-seasonal festivities than by attempting to eat something with the texture of tyre tread.


4) ALS + CR Presents Floating Points

9th February

What: Floating Points took the world by storm with his original production prowess. He is recognised across the globe for his deep selections and mastery of delivering an experience for the dance floor from the moment his needle drops. Come experience him live.

Why: Or don’t. Stay home, put an electric razor on the top of the washing machine and turn a metronome on. Same aural experience and you don’t have to dance.


3) Trixie Mattel: Skinny Legend

7th February

What: She’s blonde, she’s the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 3, she’s a Skinny Legend and she’s bringing her brand new full length, all-ages show to a theatre near you! Known for her country music, pink lipstick, relentlessly blonde hair and ridiculously hilarious stories Trixie has three successful comedy tours under her wig and she’s bringing you the fourth!

Why: It’s all-ages. For 75 glorious minutes your children will sit down, shut up and, if you’re lucky, be given a lesson in what feels like to be subject to the whims of a personification of attention deficit disorder.


2) Craig David 2019 Tour 

5th February

What: Craig David will be performing hits not only from his incredible catalogue of multi-million selling albums but also tracks from his new #1 albums The Time is Now and Following My Intuition!

Why: Because if there’s one thing anyone loves about seeing an old favourite perform live in concert years after their heyday it’s their new stuff.


1) Red Hot Summer Tour Sandstone Point 2019 feat. Chocolate Starfish, Richard Clapton, Diesel, The Living End, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts and Jimmy Barnes

9th & 10th February

What: The red hot summer tour is back featuring Australia’s favourite son Jimmy Barnes, Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, The Living End, Diesel, Richard Clapton and Chocolate Starfish.

Why: Hey kid, wanna see a dead body? How bout six?

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