Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 02/09/2018

Finally, Brisbane. It’s your time to shine. So shower, shave and get a goddamn haircut. It’s spring and that gross depression beard doesn’t make you look as alternative as you think. No matter upon what part of your body it currently resides.


10) Adopt A Sloth Party

8th September

One for the kids. They can adopt their own plushy sloth with a birth certificate and everything! And then, when your precious progeny has placed their simulated sperm-and-egg product in a little basinet with all love and care, sneak in their room in the middle of the night and rip it’s head off. You know. So you can teach them the harrowing emotional reality of death without having to blow thousands of dollars a year on an actual pet.


9) Kitsch In the Switch

8th September

It’s a sick, sad time we’re living in. So blind yourself with unearned nostalgia! Ipswich central is kitsching it up for a festival of Rockabilly fashion, retro collectables markets, live music, Burlesque performances, a classic car display and plenty of food vendors to salute a simpler time when the deep psychological and institutional scars in our society were buried deep down where we could safely ignore them.



7th September

The biggest, baddest creators of house, RnB and hip hop all mashed into one event and one venue for a night of spectacle, spurious krump (of which you’ll be guilty) and eventual spewing (of which you’ll also be guilty…several times over).


7) Moreton Bay Food and Wine Festival

8th September

It’s classy. It’s boozy. And it’s FREE. For two days Moreton Bay will be desperately scrambling to prove that they know how to cook more than just those damn bugs, and you can take full advantage of their peppy determination.


6) RedFest

7th-9th September

Spring’s here, Brisbane, and, even though it’s turning 60, RedFest still has the juiciest berries around. So join in and salute the season for 3 days of spring, strawberries, and sets from the Rogue Traders (yes…they’re..still alive).


5) Life – The Show

6th-29th September

This is another one of those events we really feel is best described by the devils themselves: “A joyous cocktail of entertainment and enlightenment, let this cast of international prodigies and deviants lead you on an adventure of hedonistic theatrical anarchy”. It’s theatre. But, you know, you won’t want to kill yourself out of sheer boredom. Just the usual innate depression.


4) Q1 Cocktails in the Sky

8th September

Ah yes. Time, for once, to turn your sights to the sky…then go there. Instead of staring up at it from the gutter, you drunken failure. At least in this case, the classiness and pretension of the sky lounge cocktail party will make you forget the almost horrifying nature of your addiction. Also there are free canapés!


3) Qweens on King

8th September

“A thousand blossoms bloom in a free celebration of love, life and commitment” with a garden street party, a live marriage ceremony, the best of Brisbane’s queer performers and an after-party at Heaps Gay Trash Palace to put the cherries on top of the raunchiest launch of Brisbane Pride Festival ever.


2) Brisbane Festival

8th-29th September

The winter’s releasing its icy grip, so it’s time once again, Brisbane. Wash your crusty eyes and clean out your holes, because Brisbane Festival – a festival of Brisbane’s best theatre, music, dance, circus, opera and general excessive spectacle is exploding across the city – and anyone still wearing a puffer jacket will be considered a worthy sacrifice at the Sunsuper Riverfire finale.


1) BIGSOUND Festival

4th-7th September

150 of the hottest Australian acts on the cusp of international success across 18 live music venues will come together for one of the biggest new music programs in the Southern Hemisphere. So…you better just ditch your old battle-worn earphones now. You won’t need them after this. Though you might want to invest in a hearing aid.

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