Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 02/06/2019

This week’s so full of joy it’s practically luminous. It almost glows in the dark. Which it’ll make it easier to deal with the vegans, the ska music and whatever ‘electro trap’ is.


10) State of Origin Cheese & Beer Pairing

8th June

What: Australians love a grudge match. In the spirit of the State of Origin The Cheeseboard will be pairing Australian artisan cheese with a QLD and NSW craft beer. What pairs the best? You decide.

Why: Well, you won’t really decide. Much like the actual State of Origin it comes down to the players and how well they do on the field i.e. your colon.


9) Garden of Vegan

6th June

What: The Garden of Vegan is finally making a comeback! Join a truly unique vegan feasting night! The chef has come up with a tailored, scrumptious, fully vegan sharing menu for your indulgence.

Why: Seems contradictory. After all, Adam and Eve had no problems when masticating livestock; it was the bloody apple that caused all the issues.


8) Godlands: 4 U Only Tour

7th June

What: Fast-labelled Australian electro trap queen Godlands is making things personal, with the 4 U ONLY tour in support of her debut EP! Boasting a lineup of special guests hand-picked in each city, 4 U ONLY is Godlands’ first hard ticket outing, and a chance for fans to see this hellraiser in rarefied air.

Why: We’ve not heard of electro trap, but it seems a wise decision to include some kind of device that ensures people can’t escape the venue when they find out just exactly what contemporary electro music involves.


7) Queensland Ska and Reggae Festival

2nd June

What: Get ready for a special kinda madness! Festival favourites ‘The Sunny Coast Rude Boys’ will be bringing all your 2Tone hits from The Specials & more, in spectacular style as always. Local nutty boys ‘Baggy Trousers’ have lined up a thumping set of stomping tunes from Madness! This will be a huge afternoon of skankin’, once again bringing the Sunny Coast community together for a session of dancing & good vibes!

Why: We’ll admit we didn’t understand most of preceding sentences, but as we understand it, this is a Reggae-ish vinyl spinning festival of some sort.


6) Nu Wave: Day Party

8th June

What: HVPE and The Easy Club are joining forces bringing you the best in underground house and tech house in an unreal warehouse vibe location like no other. This is a day party you wont forget.

Why: A house party in a warehouse. The intricacies of language…won’t be a thing that bothers you here. We’re pretty sure this music is comprised of the wordless scream of an overheated synth.


5) SunGay (Opening)

2nd June

What: There’s something missing in the LGBTQI+ community. And that’s an outdoor venue that’s relaxed, unpretentious, mature and most of all, fun.You wont hear Britney Spears blasting over your conversation, nor will there be any shows or “games”; it’s simply a space to meet up with your friends and enjoy an awesome beverage list and cool rooftop tunes.

Why: Any event that promises “you won’t hear Britney Spears” is a godsend.


4) Grubfest 

8th June

What: GrubFest is back! Featuring 12 of the sickest blues, indie, rock and punk bands over two days on a brilliant outdoor carpark stage. The broodal line up features: Smoking Martha (acoustic), Nowhere else, Swamp Gully Howlers, Dicklord, Hammers, The Demon Drink, Hell & Whiskey, Ellis DeWald, The Wrath, Private Function, Transvaal Diamond Syndicate and Shandy.

Why: A music festival in a car-park. We’re sure it has nothing to do with the fact that music festivals are notorious for inducing the munchies (via some method or another) and the car-park is owned by a diner.


3) LUMINOUS Lantern Parade

7th June

What: The 12th annual LUMINOUS Lantern Parade is held in the week of Queensland day, the annual celebration of Queensland’s culture, heritage, people, places and industry, with food stalls, entertainment, a parade and live concert.

Why: What better time to celebrate pride in one’s state than when the rest of the country wants you to declare independent nationhood?


2) Glow in the Dark Paint Party!

8th June

What: A unique experience designed to bring out the kid in you! With the lights off, great music, and glow paint on your brush, you are ready to party! A great way to release stress and enjoy together with the family in a beautiful multi-media art space, featuring Glow-in-the-dark Painting, Dance Music, & Light Projections.

Why: We’re not sure where or how the organisers of this event grew up, but we don’t think paying 70 dollars to paint crap on walls is something our childhood selves would have been able to even conceive of.!/ee991310-8002-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


1) Super Sounds Brisbane Festival 

8th June

What: A new music festival devoted to genre-bending music in the jazz sphere and creative young artists pushing jazz music in bold and exciting directions. This inaugural festival will be headlined by NYC based guitarist/composer Rafiq Bhatia. His latest album Breaking English (2018) ruptures the hermetic vernacular of ambient sculpturalism with the emotional intensity of avant-garde jazz.

Why: Get in on the inaugural festival. You’ll be able to say you were there before it was hip, feel superior to your friends and never have to go near jazz again.

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