Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 31/03/2019

It’s the last day of March. The Easter season is fast approaching. Why not preface the chocolate binge with an alcohol one?


10) Cocktails In The Crypt

6th April

What: Hear the latest about The St James’ Organ Restoration & Replacement Appeal along with a night of cocktails. This instrument will be the third largest pipe organ in Sydney after the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Town Hall. It will be available to international organists and music students for concerts and recitals.

Why: No one said you have to be drunk to service a giant organ in a church. But it helps.


9) Garden Life Jungle Disco

6th April

What: Come along to the Garden Life showroom in St Peters and spend the night dancing to your favourite disco hits. Featuring: DJ Charlie Villas on the wheels of steel, a grazing table by Omeio Artisanal Deli, drinks by Tamburlaine Organic Wines and Young Henrys and a silent Auction with incredible prizes.

Why: Disco will never die as long as you can tune it out in favour of the sounds of your own excessive gluttony.


8) Sydney Conscious Warehouse Party

6th April

What: A temple of bass infusing multi-cultural electronic music, dynamic movement therapy, deep house yoga, human connection, modern mindfulness & ecstatic dance all brought together in one transcendental experience.

Why: Well, one last thing. It’s entirely sober. A sober rave. We have to hand it to them. They’ve already transcended the bounds of logic.


7) WeLove Boat Party with George Privatti

5th April

What: Here we go again! WeLove joins forces with Vagabonds to bring you a true Spanish heavy weight. Spinning records since the age of 17, he has releases in labels such as: Formatik, 1605, 100% pure, Toolroom, Bitten, Deeperfect, Definitive, ElRow, KMS, La Pera and will burning up the decks of the WeLove boat.

Why:  They say the sea swallows all sins. Apparently ‘they’ have never come across techno music.


6) Autumn Delights Dinner

4th April

What: William Angliss Institute Sydney would like to invite you to attend a gourmet three course, set menu dinner prepared and served by Cookery, Patisserie and Hospitality students in their training restaurant, Restaurant Rubric.

Why: It’s gourmet food but on the cheap because it’s made by chefs-in-training. You know, like how instead of trusting a bank, you keep your cash in a bag in the toilet tank.


5) Slow Food Sydney

3rd April

What: A growing number of consumers are looking to chefs as allies in the shared fight for a world of better-managed resources. Taste is a magnificent tool for triggering a change in society. Slow Food Sydney is teaming up with Chef Felix Rutz of famed Darling Point restaurant Bei Amici, to celebrate our Oceans with a dinner all about fish!

Why: It you consume the dish just right, you’ll get the perfect amount of mercury for a mild high without damaging your internal organs.


4) Sugar Republic

4th April

What: Relive your childhood at the Sugar Republic! A huge ball-pit, a swing in a fairy-floss room, a giant jump-outable birthday cake, a mini cinema of the sweetest films, a sherbet rainbow bridge and a wall of sprinkles!

Why: You’ll also get a severe chronic case of type 2 diabetes to take home with you!


3) cult.party_one

5th April

What: Kicking off the first in the area. A new event produced by your local collective, OPEN SOURCE. Showcasing upcoming DJs and rappers from new age hip hop movement in Western Sydney.

Why: We knew it. No one really likes new age hip hop. Those bastards are brainwashed. Like those people who still dance to swing music.


2) Claptone: The Masquerade 

5th April

What: Claptone’s ‘The Masquerade’ is returning to Sydney this April, to ignite fans into an extraordinary soirée of veiled faces! This unique event concept has been travelling to selected cities around the globe, with its Australian debut in Melbourne, selling out in record time. Masquerade face wear is provided to all guests upon entry as their world is turned upside down in an excessive, hedonistic frenzy. Welcome to the Masquerade…

Why: Now the only thing you’ll have to feel insecure about is that the fact that people can no longer see your face means that every other thing you’re hideously insecure about on your body will be highlighted tenfold.


1) Beerarama 

31st March

What: Beerarama will return for its 2nd year celebrating the Australian craft beer at The Quarrymans Hotel. The in house beer festival will feature over 50+ of the best, unique, limited edition brews by Australian craft brewers.

Why: Your beard must be at least 20cm long OR you must be in possession of a guitar-lele in order to enter the venue.

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