Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 30/06/2019

It won’t take much for this week to go sideways. Not with all this whisky around.


10) CHAMAK: The Glitter Ball

6th July

What: Dance to the beats of the throbbing Bollywood songs, remixes and electronic music with Australia’s #1 brand: BOLLYWOOD CLUB. Get ready to revel in the sparkle of excitement and fun. There’ll be makeup artists to decorate your face with colourful sparkles, mind-blasting resident DJs, the spectacular vibes of the first class venue and dancers swirling around you.

Why: Nothing distracts you from the aural horror of Bollywood like a face full of glitter.


9) Infected Mushroom: Head of Nasa LIVE Show

5th July

What: Head of NASA and the 2 Amish Boys is the eleventh studio album by Israeli psychedelic trance duo Infected Mushroom. Come and experience this psychedelic electro dance experiment LIVE.

Why: Can’t get ‘Rocketman’ out of your head? Good. You’ll need something to cling onto after a night of electro psych.


8) HI MOTIVE: Silk Private Launch Party

6th July

What: Off the back of the second release of 2019, Electro experimental track ‘Silk’, you’re invited to the HI MOTIVE Silk Private Launch Party at 107 Projects, Redfern. HI MOTIVE will be performing their own released and unreleased tracks live in an intimate set.

Why: We’ve always thought fans of electro were a tad too open about their passion. It’s about time they felt private shame.


7) COAST’s Album Launch with Scoredatura and Lisathe

4th July

What: As a follow-up to a fantastic, energetic and technically astounding debut album, Skim does more than continue Coast’s trend of bringing to life some of Australia’s finest, most intricately textured progressive jazz.

Why: Australia’s finest jazz. Kind of like Cadbury’s finest incarnation of Vegemite chocolate.’s-Album-Launch-with-Scoredatura-and-Lisathe/59093a00-9614-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


6) Wildflower Brewing & Blending Tasting Session

6th July

What: Taste all the beers of the Wildflower range accompanied by a tour of the facility with the blender who will explain in depth their old-world methods and ethos. During the tour you will also sample young and old beer from the barrels to understand better the effects of ageing beer and blending.

Why: The image of innocent summers picking wildflowers has really aged well.


5) Sake This…Sake Degustation Evening

6th July

What: Presented by the master of Sake Satoshi Yoshikubo of the Yoshikubo Sake Brewery (Mito city, Ibaraki prefecture, Japan) and Kanpai Head Chef Yoshi Tanimoto. This 5 course sake matching degustation is guaranteed to get the flavours dancing in your mouth and teach you a thing or two about sake.

Why: The flavours will dance. Like a cheeky salsa. Or tango. Or the robot. Or the…twerk. There’s so many dance styles of varying quality to choose from in this analogy. It really depends how willing you are to admit what sake really tastes like.…Sake-Degustation-Evening/dc69b150-9613-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


4) Smoky Sue’s & Manly Spirits: Gin Night!

5th July

What: Join Smokey Sue’s as Tom Sramek from Manly Spirits teaches you all about gin, and what sets Manly Spirits apart from other distilleries in the market. Enjoy 5 pours of Manly Spirits matched with a 5 course premium barbecue feast.

Why: There’s no better way to distract from the nuclear bomb going off in your gastric tract than a guy named Tom waxing lyrical about a liquor that caused the ruin of an entire generation of people.’s-and-Manly-Spirits:-Gin-Night!/cfdea540-9617-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


3) Movies and Magnums: SIDEWAYS

1st July

What: The night will feature a film screening of Sideways, canapes, popcorn, a buffet dinner inspired by the food of Californian wine country and magnums of wine from Chateau Marechaux (Bordeaux).

Why: Dinner and a movie is no longer just a cheap date. It’s an overpriced, exhausting romp into pretension we’d never thought possible.


2) The Apocalypse Tour

6th July

What: Hailing from all over Australia the collective of artists have one common goal – to continue to empower the Australia Hip Hop scene and ensure that their efforts are not easily forgotten. Enter the inaugural Apocalypse AU tour!

Why: Because there’s no genre that really needs bolstering more than Hip Hop. You know. That alternative, experimental form of which only a precious few know.


1) Whisky Live

5th & 6th July

What: If you like good quality whisky, gin, rum or vodka, Whisky Live and Fine Spirits is the place to discover them all. If you know someone who likes whisky, and you prefer gin, you should both come along as there will be lots for both of you to experience. Plus of course, there will be a selection of food to graze on while tasting. And at the end if you really like what you taste, you can purchase a bottle to take home.

Why: Buying tickets to your troubling addiction makes it seem so much less troubling.

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