Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 29/07/2018

It’s a week of old hats and firsts, Sydney. So shine that velvet and call your waxer; let’s get it on.


10) Bondi WAVE Youth Bands Concert

4th August

Ah, youth. The hope. The idealism. The incessant faith in their compositional and instrumental abilities. How quaint. Wanna see? A night of original music by the next generation’s musicians/food industry fried potato connoisseurs.


9) THIS IS IT: The Return

4th August

Banking on a quiet weekend with the family? Yeah, we thought not. This is it. Your salvation. The multi-level camp-to-undergound club house is returning to The Oxford. Talk about a wise investment.


8) Pixel Party

3rd August

Putting in the gay in gaming: hardcore. A night of drinks, dance and multiplayer console action…before you trip back to your lonely, unfulfilling echoing chasm of a life.



4th August

Are you? A night paying glorious tribute to 30 years of House. Vinyl and Digital sets from the underground all night long. They got mighty mighty.!-Celebrating-30-Years-of-House/9208e450-8ef8-11e8-8b65-f3b5b6d8a99e


6) Finesse Opening

4th August

In the night, the wolves hunt. And they’ve brought their instruments of destruction. Finesse, an indie collection of live musicians, is moving to a new venue and you’re invited to their grand opening.


5) UNDR Ctrl 4th Birthday

4th August

Come dressed all in white. Well, what do you expect? They’re only four years old. If it were an all out red affair we’d certainly be a little in doubt as to the morality of the situation. Yes – UNDR Ctrl is celebrating their big 4 with a two-level party house and a secret disco room.


4) Open Mic at MoshPit

1st August

Feeling brave? No? Well. They’ve got the tonic. Sign up for the grungiest open mic event you’ll ever ravage your self-confidence with. A free drink for those with the cajones to revel their (secret) Tonys…ambitions. Hey. We never said we were poets.


3) GIGS Art Party

31st July

Game developer? Time to get the hell out of the house, kid, because this is one night outside that won’t make you want to run screaming back to that magical world wherein you can believe that people who have g strings sticking out above tightly swaddled unnaturally orange butt cheeks are a thing of myth. This is a night for creative collaboration, video game playing, relaxation and…you know…fresh air.


2) QueerVision

2nd August

You know you want it. Glitter, glamour, LOVE. This isn’t just a dance party, this is a meaningful movement. The future of LGBTQIA+ rights; the future most morally redemptive hangover of your life.


1) Snow Patrol

4th August

Scottish-Irish alt-rockers Snow Patrol have returned with their first new music in seven years. Yeah. It’s new. In the same way it’s ‘alt-rock’. You get the idea.

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