Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 28/10/2018

Beer? Dragons? A whole roasted pig? Taylor Swift should just stop trying. She’ll never be able to top what’s going on this week.


10) AAC//107: Instrumental (adj.) and HELU

1st November

Not just the way your annoying friend pronounces the word ‘Hello’ on the phone in an attempt to sound quirky. This is also a showcase of progressive, experimental music that conjures “complex polyrhythmic shapes from beyond the void”.


9) Potts Pointers Long Table Series Bang Tang Special

28th October

We know. Sounds like a porn starring elderly bakers. However, that this is not. This is rather a celebration of the best of Potts Point’s gourmet fare featuring dishes such as ‘Bang My Appetizer’, ‘Naughty Crunch’ and ‘Duck Up’. Again, we must emphasise – this is not a porn shoot.


8) Cheers Fest 

3rd November

Cutaway to a bunch of wealthy people in an alley beside Barangaroo Reserve getting utterly tanked on craft beers and cider.


7) Bitter & Twisted Boutique Beer Festival 

3rd & 4th November

How passive-aggressive. They’ve named this festival with a comment on your attitude when you’re completely plastered. At least you can take comfort in the fact that you don’t have to pretend to be a happy drunk at this festival of craft beers. They’ve already accepted your innate anger.


6) CHEFIN is turning 3! Dine in the Dark

31st October

How sweet. Three years old and already learning how to cook! What we’re saying here is that of course your ugly three year old’s crayon peanut-butter sandwich is unimpressive. What is truly impressive is a night of Halloween gourmet food, blood-red wine, and a whole roasted pig.!-Dine-in-the-Dark/bc440060-d895-11e8-b14f-a713526e5192


5) Sydney Beer Week

28th-4th November

You read right. A whole week. And believe us, we’re not telling you to pace yourself here. This is a city-sanctioned week of over-consumption. If the government says it’s okay, who’s your doctor to say it’s not?


4) Patrón Day of the Dead Popup Launch

29th October

Ahh, cultural appropriation. So much more fun when you’re drunk. Yes, Patrón is holding an underground cocktail night of decadence featuring an Aztec theme, live art installations, and the one thing that every English-speaker knows how to pronounce in Spanish: Dia De Los Muertos. Doesn’t matter that we know absolutely nothing else about it.


3) Carl Barron: Drinking With A Fork

3rd November

We’re not proud to admit it, and we understand the inherent blending of structure and random happenstance that informs this gentlemen’s comedic style, but we have, in our past attempted to drink various concoctions with the aid of a fork. In our defence, we felt it a more elegant way of fishing out those damn martini olives from the bottom of the glass.


2) Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour

2nd November

Yes, she’s here. Can we move on?


1) Dragon Dreaming

2nd-5th November

10 years. 10 long years. It’s felt like 10 long years since the last Game of Thrones season. But, hey, we’ve still got a couple months to go before that glorious moment of mass-produced masturbatory fantasy. So, in the mean time here’s the music version. Taking place one of the most snow-adjacent areas in Australia, Dragon Dreaming is a family-friendly celebration of art, music, nature, self-expression, and the fact that we’ll do nearly anything, including watching re-runs of David Attenborough documentaries drunk, to pass the time until we can all safely stop pretending to be able to face reality as it stands.

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