Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 27/01/2019

Saddle up, Sydney. Some blind tiger’s jerkin’ suds on the side. Also in front of you. Also on either side of you. Look, it’s the Australia Day long weekend. Even grandma’s pushing the bootleg-grade stuff.


10) Ecstatic Beats Central Coast

2nd February

What: This sober clubbing movement is contributing to the awakening of humanity through offering a safe space to let go and connect deeply with likeminded people without the influence of substances which numb feeling and true authentic expression.

Why: So. Dancing in a generic club to generic club music is true authentic expression. We need a drink.


9) Fallen Disco feat. Mo’Funk

27th January

What: Kick off the new year with a legendary line up to bring you nothing but the funky stuff featuring home-grown and Glitterbox Ibiza resident Mo’Funk!

Why: Seems apt. Disco is a genre that requires a fall. From a great distance. That results in brain damage so severe you start to believe sequinned pants are a viable alternative to anything else.’Funk/69630c10-2106-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


8) Aus Day Long Weekend ft. Courtney Mills & Ruby Phoenix

27th January

What: Australia Day Long Weekend will be cranking at Club3wm! This party will be looser then onions on a Bunnings sanga! Courtney Mills & Ruby Phoenix make their debut supported by another killer line-up.

Why: It’s the long weekend. Why not blank out a good portion of it with the amount of liquor it takes to enjoy DJ club music?


7) Mount Gay Rum (Boiler Maker Dinner)

31st January

What: Come & join Ari Abels (Bar Manager FC) & Josh Obrien (Mount Gay Rum Ambassador) at The Forgotten Cask, who will host you through the 1st Boiler Maker Dinner of 2019!

Why: Ahh, nothing so qualifies a night of hard drinking as ‘sophisticated’ as adding the word ‘ambassador’.


6) Australia Day Long Weekend Boat Party

27th January

What: Dopamine Events & Groove One proudly present Australia Day Long Weekend Boat Party! Featuring Andrea Bakulic, Danielle Duchesne, Fede Batista, Galbi, Gelassenheit, Justin Muscat, MD, Nine Two Five and Tomas Pamirez.

Why: Celebrate the mass fear and bigotry-driven tightening of national borders on the mode of transportation that symbolically encapsulates the very same contemporary hysteria.


5) Blind Tiger

1st February

What: A night of pure classic house to mark the first of the second month. Featuring: Robbie Lowe, Kate Monroe, SpeedQueen, Yung Lemon and YESSO.

Why: The insanity of new years has finally dissipated and it’s time once again to return to your responsibilities. And as a fragile person constantly trying to gain acceptance amongst your peers that unfortunately involves…house music.


4) Homemade ft. JAWBREAKERS

2nd February

What: Kicking off February with some spicy mashups, JAWBREAKERS are a dynamic drag DJ duo that will not disappoint!

Why: Unless of course your enjoyment is based on anything other than a raging synth-induced headache.


3) Extra Dirty January Long Weekend

27th January

What: Featuring a stellar line-up of the best home grown Extra Dirty DJs: CHIP, FEISTY & M RAMIREZ! Come see what you can snag on the sizzling hot dance floor!

Why: You heard them. See what you can snag. Apart from the requisite UTI.


2) Berlin Underground Long Weekend

27th January

Located in a unique underground basement with a pumping sound system, Berlin Underground residents will be providing you a night full of techno. Featuring: Robbie Lowe, Andy Bird, Ben Nott and a special guest.

What Australian hasn’t drunkenly saluted the flag claiming “Ich bin ein Berliner”?


1) Wanted and Wild Rock n Roll Follies

1st February

What: Kicking off their 2019 program at The Birdcage Sydney, Wanted and Wild promises an epic night of rebellious cabaret and variety. Expect aerials, danger, burlesque, circus, dancers and more!

Why: What more appropriate way is there to ring in the new year of apocalyptic uncertainty than with a chaotic circus-based hard-on for nostalgia?

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