Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 26/08/2018

You’ll laugh; you’ll cry; you’ll freeze your living nuts off. This week, Sydney, has got it all.


10) CheerCon

26th August

Vaseline up those vocal chords, for this be a festival dedicated to pure dance and cheer. Yes, its unorthodox for Australia, we admit, to play host to a cheerleading festival, but we’re nothing if absolutely pro-short shorts and short skirts and the very high risk of fatal injury.


9) Getter at Ivy

1st September

Split, rip and dip your head for tonight we head towards nothing and nowhere. At least, according to this guy. US D.J, producer, rapper and comedian Getter will be electrifying the Ivy for one night only and if you like heavy bass and gnarly synths, ehhhh forgeddaboutid.


8) Sky Sirens Term 4 Nightcap

26th August

A burlesque, aerial and pole show to end all other shows. After tonight, your weekly post-work drinks will seem all the more intolerable in comparison.


7) Harley-Davidson 115th Anniversary Party

1st September

Violent union uprisings, racism-driven tariffs, pro-confederate leanings, crooked stock manipulation – if that doesn’t spell freedom on two wheels we don’t know what does. That’s right it’s the 115th Anniversary Party of the Harley Davidson motorcycle. So grease your inner thighs, holster your pipe wrench and get ready to deny the fact that you’re a middle aged sales manager.


6) Best of the Fest

1st September

Get a sneaky peak at the fringe, Sydney. And this time, you won’t be arrested as a peeping tom outside the changing room of Mister Maker. No, the Best of the Fest features hand picked acts from the Fringe Comedy Festival and at only 15 bucks, it sure as hell beats shelling out for bail.


5) Cheese with Animus Gin

29th August

Juniper, lives upon the hill. Juniper, sitting very still. Well, it’s no wonder. Donovan probably missed the fact she’d been chasing tumblers of her namesake – gin – with the finest victorian cheese. Skipping merrily through the lilacs is a bloody effort after that. Especially if your colon has anything to say about it.


4) Mutant Beauty

31st August

Freak, monster, weirdo. Dig deep into those psychological scars, and tell your inner child that tonights the night wherein your conscious mind won’t have to be engaged in sleep in order for it to manifest. A night of queer drag, neo-burlesque, performance art and all things queer that draws upon the parallels between queers, mutants and monsters. Suit up, lovelies. Suit up, horrors. Or…don’t suit up at all.


3) Andrew W.K. via Tonightly With Tom Ballard

27th August

Oy, this guy again. Yup. And also Andrew W.K. Tom Ballard is playing jester host to ‘party-rocking prodigy’ Andrew W.K. for a live performance, an interview and an Australian television-exclusive night of partying wherein the host’s mantra is – and we aren’t making this up here – “to party is to exist. And to exist is to party”.


2) Trevor Noah: End Of Days

30th August

Trevor Noah, host of the Emmy and Peabody Award–winning program The Daily Show in the US is manifesting in all his brilliant glory in Melbourne. Oh, believe us. You need to buy these tickets.


1) Snowtunes

31st August-1st September

Australia’s famous and only music festival in the snow is back! This year features: Rudimental, Violent Soho, 4B, Amastro, Aviva, Bec Sandridge, Confidence Man, Crooked Colours, DJ Sabio, Ducky, Hockey Dad, Kayex, Losty, Luude, Mallrat, Meg Mac, Midas.Gold, Miss Blanks, Nyxen, One Day Apart, Pacific Avenue, Set Mo, Slumber Jack, Thandi Phoenix, The Smith Street Band, Thundamentals, Tired Lion, Yahtzel and more.

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