Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 25/11/2018

Robots; masked surrealists; blacksmiths. This week, we’re going subsonic.


10) Magic Mic Comedy feat. Luke Heggie

28th November

What: If you enjoy no holds barred, “anything goes” comedy, this night is for you.

Why: Yes, we know. It’s always difficult to deign to like new comedians. But may we remind you, this is set in a bar. May we also remind you of that time when you were drunk and spent 2 hours laughing at C-Span?


9) Mwaka Moon Nights (Fluro Stop Light Party)

25th November

What: A fluro stop light party. Flash green if you’re single, red if you’re taken and orange if you’re not sure.

Why: You might be able to score. And if not, well, just make sure if you’re still flashing green once you’ve left the party you don’t switch off your light. You wouldn’t want to prevent that truck barreling down the road from releasing you from the hellish pain of your sad, lonely existence.


8) Jungle Onboard #004

25th November

What: A raging party on a rocking ship. Drink, dance and hit the high seas!

Why: It’s a DJ dance party on a boat. Picture Wolf of Wall Street but down about twenty income brackets.


7) A Cyborg Love Affair Annual 18 After Party

27th November

What:  An after-party celebrating Sydney’s young art & design scene lit up with the best of Sydney’s DJs, live performers and artists. “Born from their love of one another four cyborgs are the leaders of this defiance. Release your energy through embrace, dance and movement“.

Why: There’ll be liquor and love. Course if you’re so inclined you can just stay home, get tanked and engage in a quasi-legal love affair with your vacuum cleaner.


6) Summer Foam Party

1st December

What: For those who like it wet and wild on the dance floor, now’s your chance to be slathered from head to toe at Sydney’s craziest foam party.

Why: Ugh. Well at least everyone will be squeaky clean. Well…everyone’s skin will be clean.


5) The Surreal Artists Masquerade Ball

29th November

What: A variety of entertainment, including roving performers, dancers, and musicians including live bands will add further colour to this Surrealist-themed masquerade ball for Sydney’s young art scene.

Why: Oh, can’t make it? Don’t worry. You’ll be able to smell the unearned pretentiousness from anywhere in Sydney.


4) Sydney BeerFest

1st December

What: Over 300 unique, exotic and small batch craft beers, ciders, cocktails and wines, hand crafted and perfectly complemented by Sydney’s most decadent local street food held in Centennial Park.

Why: What more fitting place to scar your liver beyond repair with beer than in the site of Australia’s declaration of independence? Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Transplant! Transplant! Transplant!



29th November

What: A night of fire and art in an industrial cathedral with burlesque performances, experimental music, cocktails and visual & interactive art.

Why: Burlesque? 20-something experimental artists? Blacksmithing? A trifecta of obsolescence has never been so tantalising.


2) Subsonic

30th November-2nd December

What: It’s the 10th anniversary of NSW’s biggest electronic music festival. After a sold out 2017 festival, the festival returns. A magical place… a transformative place… where the unsuspecting by day morphs into the inconceivable at night.

Why: “…where the unsuspecting by day morphs into the inconceivable at night”…and your unsuspecting ear drums will obliterated in a sweaty hell of thousands of bodies grinding to the worst noise remnants of the 80s.


1) Inland Sea of Sound Festival 

30th November-2nd December

What: A major festival of music, arts and culture staged in an iconic location on the original Corroboree grounds of Wahluu – Mount Panorama.

Why: So if you’ve ever wanted to breathe in the joys of free expression mixed in with the heady aroma of 8 decades of exhaust fumes, this one’s for you.

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