Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 25/08/2019

There’s something slowly dripping down the rim of this week. Don’t touch it with your bare hands.


10) Project X Party feat. Joel Fletcher

30th August

What: Project X is reinventing itself to bring you the house party to end all house parties. Get excited! Featuring guest DJ Joel Fletcher, confetti blasts, Headf%!k and cocktail buckets. Be led down a path of debauchery and utter destruction. This is the party you’ve only dreamed about!

Why: If your dreams feature house party raves, perhaps your subconscious mind is violently protecting you from some horror in your past. And if this is the way in which it’s sparing you horror, we recommend you don’t ever confront those demons.



30th August

What: UNDISCLOSED is about to descend onto one of Sydney’s most historic techno dance floors, Club 77, with a trio of Sydney’s finest. Ellie D and Val York will make their UNDISCLOSED debut alongside one of Sydney’s most trusted techno veterans, Qu-Zen. Residents Ulia and Jas Manning will be in support for the night.

Why: This night of techno is ‘undisclosed’ inasmuch as the announcement ‘we’re going to eat McDonald’s’ does not require disclosure of the particular menu item. It is understood the end result will be generic techno and diarrhoea, respectively.


8) Late Night Music Release Party feat. Robbie Lowe & Matt Rowan

31st August

What: Late Night Music is excited to welcome on board two prolific Australian artists, Robbie Lowe and Matt Rowan. Matt and Robbie have teamed up to create a spacey but dynamic club track titled ‘Actual’, and to celebrate The Vault is throwing a release party in Sydney!

Why: It makes sense to hold a release party for a new club track. How the hell else is anyone supposed to tell the difference between one and the other?


7) The Wall feat. Kleavr x Tantrum (Serpents Tour)

28th August

What: The dynamic duo of Kleavr x Tantrum hit Australian shores with fellow Aussie Flick to hit Sydney HARD with the ‘Serpents Down Under Tour’ – a tour of full-on Dubstep.

Why: The phrase ‘hitting the wall’ has never been so literally relevant. We assume that’s what goes into creating the sound of Dubstep. Thousands of heads smashing repeatedly against a wall. It’s a self-creating market.


6) Goodbar 3rd Birthday: Nights Like This

31st August

What: An old fairy tale once said “when the clock strikes three, a world of wonders shall be presented to thee”. Sure, Goodbar is adapting its relevance a little bit but the main point is that it’s their 3rd birthday and they’re cranking the thermostat up to 11 for a raucous celebration! An all-night rave featuring: Baby Gee, Bronx, Charlie Cripps, Desiki, Fede Batista, Hoten, Harry & The Amateur, Jasper Rowden and many more!

Why: And old fairy tale also once said “one turnip grew there which became large and strong”. Sure, we’re adapting its relevance a little bit but the main point is if you’re cranking a thermostat up to eleven you’re either a playful cryogenicist or have no idea how to craft an applicable reference.


5) Casa Peru: Ceviche & Pisco Sydney Pop Up

31st August

What: Come and experience the taste and flavours of Peru at this Pop Up event underground in the heart of Bondi Junction. A collaboration between local Pisco Importer, Don Juan Imports, Sydney Latin Life and The Junction will allow you to taste a huge range of Pisco alongside freshly made Ceviche. Saturday Nights will then launch you into Full Reggaeton Saturdays so the party will last all night.

Why: There’s nothing like hard liquor and raw fish to make one feel one deeply in tune with the entirety of Peruvian culture.


4) Dead Preachers Debut

30th August

What: Melbourne based band, Dead Preachers are launching their debut single ‘Train’ in Sydney at The Hideaway Bar. After playing sold out shows in Melbourne for their debut show and Cherry Bar’s final weekend in AC/DC lane, Dead Preachers head to Sydney to bring their unique brand of Rock ‘n’ Roll to a new audience.

Why: The name ‘Dead Preachers’ implies releaving silence. Though if Boy George is still walking around under his moniker, we guess the name of this hard rock band makes sense.


3) Fleetwood Mac 2019 Tour 

27th & 29th August

What: Legendary, GRAMMY-award winning band Fleetwood Mac have announced an Australian tour which will feature the new line-up of Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Stevie Nicks, and Christine McVie along with newcomers Mike Campbell and Neil Finn. The enduring spirit of Fleetwood Mac stands for an incredible body of great music that has connected with generations of people all over the world for more than 50 years.

Why: It’s that old philosophical conundrum. If you keep replacing parts of a boat at what point does it stop being the original boat? Well, who cares? You’ll never be able to afford a boat. Not when you keep pissing away money on Fleetwood Mac’s new lineups.


2) Drip World Festival 

31st August

What: Australia’s biggest contemporary urban festival is finally touching down. Headlining the festival are US rapper Akon, Migos, Lil Baby, Rich The Kid and French Montana; joining them are Lil Skies, Comethazine, AMARNI, rising triple j Unearthed artists Ay Huncho and Sophiya and many more.

Why: Thought the relevance of rap and hip hop did not extend to the Australian context? You clearly failed to account for the proliferation of white people walking around with dreadlocks and a wildly misplaced sense of being ‘downtrodden’.


1) Snowtunes

30th & 31st August

What: The southern hemisphere’s biggest snow music festival, Snowtunes, is back! This year’s festival will feature performances from platinum-record selling pop songstress Vera Blue, multi-ARIA Award nominated indie rock band The Rubens Australian electronic music duo The Presets, Australian rock band and festival buffs The Delta Riggs. The Summit Stage will feature the best live bands, indie and rock acts, while The JBL Stage will showcase the cream of the crop in electronic artists and DJ’s.

Why: It’s pop-rock in the deep freeze without the depressing sheen of Peter Garrett’s head.

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