Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 24/02/2019

It’s Mardi Gras, Sydney! And…for some reason…Bananarama are here.


10) Daniel Avery All Night Long

1st March

What: Daniel Avery has been at the forefront of Europe’s illustrious music scene since his career began. A true techno auteur, Avery’s sonic capabilities identify as entirely quintessential of hard techno music, while remaining refreshingly cutting edge.

Why: Who knew techno and auteur were two words that could be placed together without irony? Then again we are in an era of kale ice-cream.


9) Allfriends Basement Party Record Label Launch

1st March

What: An Underground house & techno party featuring Lex Barlin, Justin Muscat, Whatz, Varse, Cyclic, Saucepot and Dimentions.

Why: Underground in the sense that the club is subterranean. We think we can safely assume that there is no such thing as ‘underground’ house or techno.


8) Mardi Gras Eve Madonna Bar

1st March

What: Get dressed up in your favourite Madonna Era and Dance to Non-Stop Madonna Music All Night Long with DJ Ray Isaac.

Why: The best way to experience Madonna. Without the actual Madonna.


7) This Is Living Day Party

2nd March

What: A live summertime session featuring the launch of Satay Records! With Hocus, Han Muller, Hangu, Solitary, Whats B2B Marcel Bustamant. With live art.

Why: A record label launch with a difference: It’s 2019. And somehow records are relevant again.


6) Mardi Gras Glitter Party

2nd March

What: Adorn your finest shimmering outfit, and bathe yourself at the FREE glitter station – because after all, everyone deserves to sparkle. One of the wildest, most colourful nights on Sydney’s cultural calendar for a joyous and spectacular celebration of LGBTIQ pride!

Why: Who says retinas can only be burned in the daytime?



1st March

What: FOREPLAY is THE pre-Mardi Gras pre party. With a fantastic fab 4 DJ line up spinning the underground and house vibes from all corners of the planet, Foreplay is the place to hear the best in house and disco.

Why: Well, to be honest it is ONE of the Mardi Gras pre parties. We may tout a lot of things, but one thing we’ll never claim is that a house music event is in any way unique.


4) Sydney Drag Stars

24th February

What: Sydney has the finest Drag in the world. Hosted by Candy Box and starring three of Sydney Drag Royalty’s super queens. Get to know Charisma Belle, Hannah Conda and Carmen Geddit in their debut cabaret show.

Why: The horrifying season of biological family togetherness is over. Welcome back to your real family. The ones who know how to sing in heels without causing you severe intestinal distress.


3) Bananarama 2019 Tour

24th February

What: With a slew of hits to their name, including ‘Shy Boy’, ‘Cruel Summer’, ‘Robert De Niro’s Waiting’ and the eternally iconic ‘Venus’, it’s no wonder they’re the most successful female band ever, with the most charting singles in the world.

Why: Ever wanted to hear three 60 year old women singing about how they’re your desire? We’re not here to judge.


2) Arctic Monkeys 2019 Tour

1st & 2nd March

What: British rock royalty Arctic Monkeys have ushered in a spectacular new era with their sixth studio album, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, and now Frontier Touring is over the moon to announce the band’s return

Why: From that small section of British BBC vets that haven’t been accused of several felonies.


1) Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 

15th February-2nd March

What: Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is one of Australia’s most famous and well-loved events, bringing thousands of visitors to Sydney to join in the celebrations. It captures the imagination of Australia’s LGBTQI and mainstream communities, taking over the city for weeks on end, culminating in the world-famous Parade: a colourful and dazzling night of pride, celebration and self-expression.

Why: Screw Scott Morrison. That’s why.

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