Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 23/09/2018

Vikings, drag queens, pop icons and really exquisitely crafted scaffolding. You won’t know where the to look this week, Sydney.


10) Beehive & Motion pres. BART SKILS

29th Sep

A fresh Dutch face on the techno scene! Apparently the 80s just arrived in Holland. Renewable energy does have its drawbacks.


9) Marcelo D2 – Official After Party

29th Sep

He’s Brazilian. He’s one of hip-hops biggest stars. He’s young. And history has already written him in the books. So. You might as well skip the concert part for this one and head straight to the after party where you can drink your total irrelevance to past, present and future away. Oh, and you won’t have to look at him.


8) Infinite Illusion – The Dawn Release Show

28th Sep

Well, technically illusion is infinite, being that illusion itself as a concept is not bound by the parameters of time. So. Well, what we’re saying is this indie band could have been a little more creative. They tried. See them try again! At the Burdekin Hotel. But this time with words and notes.


7) FAB

28th Sep

The Midnight Shift is moving into new digs and no we don’t mean a time warp in the 7/ll. No, this an opening night of live music, drag and DJs spinning club hits all night long.


6) Sydney Architecture Festival Launch Party

28th Sep

Bend it, bend it, just a little bit. Take it easy though. No one’s expecting Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mitch and Tich to show up. Though their lyrics clearly attempt to indicate otherwise, they are totally unschooled in ‘What Makes a Building Truly Great’. But after this night, you’ll finally be able to claim superiority over a bunch of 60s rick troubadours that haven’t been accused of sexual assault.


5) Theo Parrish, Marcellus Pittman & Heavenly Soundsys

28th Sep

A night of techno, deep house, broken-beat, disco edits and spiritual jazz. A night of so many more disparate seemingly pulled-out-of-one’s-hole genre combinations than you could ever imagine.


4) The Deadvikings (JP) Invasion

28th Sep

Yes, apparently those infamous pyromaniacs and rapists weren’t all wiped out. There’s still one willing to claim the mantle of Viking. And why not? There are Morris Dancers and Taylor Swift fans. Here they are – the ultimate heavy protopunk band will be setting the captain cook hotel aflame. Don’t even get us started on that one.


3) Hispanic Comedy Festival

29th Sep

¡Salud! you ignorant westerner. That’s right, you haven’t heard of this before – a full comedy event dedicated to the talents of Hispanic comedians. And yes. You are obligated to laugh.


2) Valley To Coast Festival

29th Sep

Yes. That’s just about how far reaching, analogously speaking, your capacity for glut and excess is. Thankfully, this event requires no actual exercise in order to reach the fairground of food, wine and beer.


1) Cher – Here We Go Again! 

26th Sep

Oh, boy. We’ve never been advocates of the exclamation point. However, in this case it seems her tour managers have had the foresight to preemptively dictate how we would otherwise inflect the tour name in our heads. The pop icon and exclamation point enthusiast is back.!-Tour-2018-Sydney/a1f53330-57d2-11e8-93ea-bfdb9889e3bf

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