Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 23/06/2019

This week’ll drag on and on. So sissy that walk.


10) Dexter Kane, Cassette & Danni B: Nights Like This

29th June

What: Despite being influenced by a wide range of genres, Dexter’s music remains unique. Whilst you may not be able to pigeon-hole him, you’ll almost definitely be able to recognise his distinct sound. Often deep; sometimes dark; distinctly analogue; ever maintaining a groove lead, dance-floor aesthetic.

Why: We can’t think of a more unique sound than a groovy dancefloor one. Can you dig it?



29th June

What: Infused with the best of EDM, Tech and Bass with live instrumentation, “Twisted” will take you on a journey to the darker side of House.

Why: Who knew House had a ‘darker’ side other than a vicious hangover and premature deafness?


8) The Wall presents Love Dance Radio Takeover!

26th June

What: A massive rave with a bunch of Sydney’s finest! At Love Dance Radio they believe in all genres of music, giving you the best events and supporting the up and coming DJs of Sydney. Come experience new and established DJs you may have never even heard of!

Why: Being able to discern one rave DJ from another is a talent we’d never thought it possible to hone. And here we also thought ravers were wasting their lives.!/e3352770-9155-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


7) Dinner With The Butcher And The Winemaker

27th June

What: This limited-seat, boutique event has been designed and developed by Chief Meatologist Peter Zaidan along with James Robson. Come along and experience this 3-course dinner featuring salumi, duck and wagyu beef sausages, gourmet garden salads, fresh veggies from the market and Wagyu beef steaks all paired with premium wines from the ‘Pinnacle Series’ by Ross Hill.

Why: We would make some kind of joke referring to the baker and the candlestick maker, but ever since the winemaker arrived they’ve been sitting in the corner trying to drink their depression away in a gluten-free electricity-based society.


6) Warp 2.1 ft. Fabrics LIVE

28th June

What: Fabrics is the alias of Sydney underground mainstay Alex Psaltis. His music is a melding of propulsive electronics with expansive spectral textures. Using a combination of analogue and digital synthesis, his productions and live sets traverse a wide range of moods and styles.

Why: Well, on the whole, he basically caters to one mood. The “I’m in the mood for EDM” mood. The completely intoxicated mood.


5) Julianna Barwick + Mary Lattimore (USA)

26th June

What: North American luminaries Mary Lattimore and Julianna Barwick come together for a crystalline double bill at Sydney’s Red Rattler Theatre. Over the past decade, each artist has created her own inimitable universe of light; Julianna Barwick building evocative choral symphonies, layering her own voice on top of itself to stunning effect; and Mary Lattimore conjuring expressive beauty on her forty-seven-string Lyon & Healy harp and synth effects.

Why: Electro music is, in a way, inimitable. Like trying to forge the signature of a hypomanic three-year-old.


4) Blackout Newcastle #001

29th June

What: A showcase of the talent that Newcastle and surrounding areas have within the electronic music scene, giving artists the opportunity to showcase their music and passions when they otherwise could not. Along with this is a never before seen light show and sound system that will put on the best show possible for the audience.

Why: Otherwise “could” not. Huh. We’d’ve thought that the operative word would be “should” not. But apparently we as a society feel that generic electro just hasn’t saturated the market yet. The market should be dripping.


3) Geometric Sounds

28th June

What: This party will be a fully geometric themed event packed with cutting edge sound, performers, amazing psychedelic art installations and geometric out decor in the courtyard! Featuring progressive psytrance, fullon and forest.

Why: And they say high school maths will never apply to real life. It’ll take decent skills in order to be able to work out the concentration of substances needed per hour in order to make a night of psytrance reach its full potential.


2) Boy George (DJ Set) Sydney

29th June

What: Culture Club frontman & POP icon Boy George is one of the most recognised and in demand House Music DJ’s of all time. DJing in more than 70 countries around the world Boy George has headlined super-brands such as Godskitchen, Cream and Manumission. Following on from 6 consecutive sold out Sydney shows, Rodd Richards Presents are now thrilled to announce this exclusive, first time national Australian DJ tour.

Why:  There’s no better role for someone guilty of violent sexual abuse than contemporary DJ club music producer. It’s practically a prerequisite.


1) Dragfest: The Realness Tour! 

27th June

What: If you think you’ve already seen the best drag show of your life, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Hosted by your fave Brisbane bombshell, Vollie La Vont, they’re bringing you 8 of the best queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Why: The brilliance of Sydney’s drag scene is endless. Though if you’re looking for an end to something, bring along your bigoted grandma with the heart condition and tell her to put on her Sunday best for a good old fashioned night on the town. It’ll save the coroner having to request her funeral attire.!-Sydney/157154e0-9154-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192

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