Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 22/07/2018

Take your multivitamins, Sydney. You’ll need every last molecule of physiological responsibility to compensate for this week. We hope you listened to your mother and ate your green vegetables. Otherwise we’re not sure you’ll survive.


10) DIVA Party

28th July

Crack out those moulding fetid mistakes of your Australian ‘prom’ equivalent past and tell them to don their best 90s Diva outfits, cause tonight, baby, with drinks, lip sync competitions and a ballad sing off, somebody’s gonna win the fight.


9) Homemade ft. Royaal

28th July

There’s nothing better than homemade. A statement we’ve always believed is utter bollocks. Unless, of course, you’re royalty. And that’s exactly what these kids are.



28th July

Get funked with JimJam. No, we didn’t just suffer a minor stroke whilst telling you to go screw yourself by referencing Star Wars by proxy through an (admittedly shameful) season 15 Simpsons reference to Jar Jar Binks. We may be crusty old bitter people, but we do have a sense of decorum. No, this night is all about funk house, dance and jamming with a DJ master.!/8d2d94e0-8ca4-11e8-8b65-f3b5b6d8a99e


7) Start of Session Winter Wonderland

26th July

Ahhh…the 80s. What contemporary university student DOESN’T reflect back on those times? Oh yes. The vast majority. But if there’s anything that uni students do have a genuine aptitude for it’s unearned nostalgia, sweating through outfits that somewhat clash with the prevailing temperature and getting drunk.


6) SaxBeatz Underground House Session

28th July

…ever wondered what’s hiding under the house? Ah, you know. Few old shoes, couple of wasp nests and a jar of ears. Oh, you meant THEIR house. Well, why didn’t you say so? The Junction’s bringing a night of live sax and trumpet with house and DJ fusion by SaxBeats, Loco Luna, Sangalli and Joshjoy. Just…just forget about the first part of what we said.


5) Soca Dancehall Reggae Prescription

27th July

This is one prescription you’ll be bribing your crooked doctor to refill without a consult. Chill your every extremity to the best of dancehall, soca reggae and afrobeats, flex those internal organs with Trinidadian street food and fire up your other dormant organs with prescription-grade podium dancers Tabs & Dena.


4) Japanese Whisky Night

25th July

For relaxing times, make it Kendall’s time. Kenpai!


3) Kendrick Lamar

24th & 25th July

Damn. And we mean DAMN. That’s right kids. The hip hop behemoth is returning to Australian shores.


2) Franz Ferdinand and MGMT

25th July

Take the glittering hand of Ferdinand and MGMT and surrender yourself. You won’t regret it.


1) Splendour in the Grass

21st & 22nd July

The twanging archangel of Australian music festivals is back featuring Kendrink Lamar, Lorde, Angus and Julia Sone, Vampire Weekend and a plethora of other acts inside a micro-world of live art installations, boho lounges, comedy acts, buskers and live science. It’s like burning man for all those not currently burning from an STI.

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