Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 21/10/2018

Stop paying attention to reality, Sydney. Halloween is fast approaching and you don’t want to wear out your threshold for horror too soon.


10) Guil-TEA as Charged

26th October

Ah, tea. Well, the one good thing here is that we’re not British. Pretentious? Sure. Overly dedicated to a beverage whose greatest potential lies in it’s ability to stimulate your bowel and piss off at least 50% of the consumers of the product by the usage of milk? Of course. But we’re not directly responsible for the bloodshed that forms a great part of the history of this beverage, so we’ll drink to that.


9) Makerspace Turns 3!

27th October

Face it. You’d not be able to tell the difference between experimental art and the actual art produced by a three year old. The only difference here lies in the presence of a beer supply.!/e8e98420-d4bf-11e8-b14f-a713526e5192


8) Roc The Boat

27th October

But not too hard. You wouldn’t want to fall into that sea infested with mercury-powered sharks. This is an American Halloween hosted on a boat with two levels of dance, drinks and Hip-Hop and R&B.


7) HelloHell – Mete O Loco

26th October

It’s not often Hell is greeted with such politeness. But, then again, it’s not often we find ourselves in the middle of a reality wherein we actively yearn for the kind of hell where everyone readily accepts, at least, that they are terrible people. MIIND Nightclub’s costumed dance party tribute to Halloween will have you saying “Oh boy, death, take me now”.


6) A Very Nasty Homemade Halloween

27th October

Nope. Not your rich friend’s parents strangely swinger-like affair from your youth. No, this is four dancefloors, a deep house smoking balcony and beats provided by…well…this is what they say: “NastBoys emerge from the dark abyss of Home, to play an endless set of hair raising beats, sure to leave you in a seismic disturbance!”


5) Halloween at The Argyle

26th October

Free entry. You’re already there aren’t you? The description’s in the title. A Halloween night held in the cave-like atmosphere of the rocks Argyle.


4) Dead Pixels

27th October

Soon enough, with the burgeoning reality of A.I we’ll have to hold actual mourning ceremonies for dead pixels. But until that time, Sydney Gaymers is hosting a Halloween dance with drinking, live drag performances and gaming consoles.


3) Speak No Evil

27th October

But they’ve said nought about seeing or hearing evil. So, pretty much reality but without access to twitter. What a wonderful world that would be. But we digress. Club3wm is presenting an epic Halloween pre-party with a monster lineup of DJs. Sadly, twitter will likely be excessively present.


2) One Night in Bangkok: Chin Chin Sydney Turns 1

25th October

Without having to breathe in re-circulated faecal plane air or having to deal with TSA agents. Yes, Chin Chin is turning one and throwing a tribute to the oft stereotyped party atmosphere of Bangkok with “sweet vibes, spicy food and a whole-lotta of late night entertainment”.


1) Sydney Beer Week

26th October-4th November

You read right. A whole week. And believe us, we’re not telling you to pace yourself here. This is a city-sanctioned week of over-consumption. If the government says it’s okay, who’s your doctor to say it’s not?

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