Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 19/08/2018

Cross your heart and prepare for flight, Sydney, cause we’re launching you all over the bloody place this week.


10) Psychic Express

23rd August

Yeah, yeah. We know. It’s all bull. We KNOW. How do we know? How else? The psychics forewarned us. Or maybe it was the free wine. Also, music, finger food and an express 20 minute fingering of your mind and future.


9) Full Moon Party

24th August

“Can’t make it to Thailand?” Yes. That’s the beginning of the description of this event and, frankly, we’ve never felt so understood in all our lives. 4 venues, 4, drinks, free pizza, free face paint, live DJs; from Scary Canary to Club 80 Proof to Scruffy Murphy’s and finally ending at Marquee, this’ll be one night when you’ll be so supremely plastered you might just get the once-in-a-century astronomical chance to see the manifestation of two full moons.


8) Pride Dance Party

25th August

Dress LOUD, kids, and be PROUD, cause all too soon it’ll be the next morning and though it’ll be for different reasons entirely, the contents of your toilet will likely result in your pride suffering a knock or two. Glitter; glam; bar beach beats beside the ocean.


7) For Folks Sake

25th August

Ahh, Sydney. You’ve been working yourself too hard. And by that we mean trying to appear as though you enjoy the sounds of Katy Perry wailing about bikinis over the sounds of pyrotechnic cupcake bra artillery. Take a break, accept your fate, and surrender to a night of soothing folk music featuring eush, Lady Lyon, Emad Younan and hot pastizzis. You’re old enough now that you’ll not be ostracised for your true taste in music. High school’s over. The only damage cliques can do to you know is in the timeless scars they’ve placed deep in your psyche.


6) Love Food Fair

22nd August

“The most delicious plant-based food” fair is coming to Sydney and though your mouth may not be immediately salivating, your arteries damn sure are. Six of Sydney’s green restaurants – the Green Lion, Green Gourmet, Nourishing Quarter, Green mushroom and the Vegan’s choice will be teaming up and taking over Martin Place for a day of plant-based feasting (read: not plant-induced feasting), and environmental consciousness.


5) Newcastle Pride Festival Launch

24th August

They’re launching right up your alley. And they know it – why else would they have so aptly named it ‘the Short n Curlies’? Don’t be ashamed. No one really shaves in winter. A selection of the best international short films curated by Queer Screen and a night helmed by David Strap-On and Margaret Pomegranates. …You read right.


4) Cherry Blossom Festival

17th-26th August

A ten day celebration of blooming Japanese and Australian cultures featuring Cherry Blossom trail (including a selection of food stalls from the Cherry Blossom Food Village), Stadium Sumo, Hello Kitty Make Over Bar, Cherry Blossom Food Village, Izakaya Bar, The Zen Garden experience, SMASH! Cosplay Catwalk Show (SAT ONLY), a Peacock Gallery exclusive Festival Exhibition, biodiversity talks with Costa, Bonsai workshops, Japanese Garden guided tours, Ikebana demonstrations, Sustainability workshops AND a Market Place. Bring your loved one. You won’t even have to buy them flowers, you bloody cheapskate.


3) SUPRA Queer Sparkling night

23rd August

Sparkle, sparkle, lovelies. A night of all-inclusive chill partying before the coming semester…and as much free food you can hide on your person so at least you can offset some of the gargantuan debt you’ll be in once you graduate.


2) Comedy Night feat. Tom Ballard

23rd August

Raw Comedy winner and Melbourne International Comedy Festival alum Tom Ballard will be engaging you alongside such talents as Matt Okine. Come. Drink. Be merry. Otherwise you’ll destroy their fragile egos. We don’t want a Michael Richards situation here.


1) Bob Dylan and His Band

22nd August

Oh, we don’t need to sell you on this one. You’ve already bought the ticket.

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