Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 19/05/2019

You’ll remember this week. Vividly. No one ever forgets the taste of sake vomit.


10) Way Back When: A Night of Classic Trance

24th May

What: Way Back When is a holistic evening of classic trance; in music, the DJ’s and the venue & production. It will remind you of the way trance was, or for those who missed out the first time, give you a glimpse into the past when trance was at its peak.

Why: So around the time when the target audience for this event was dripping through a hole in a condom.


9) Full Moon Party

24th May

What: The world-renowned festival of light and music returns to Sydney and to celebrate Side Bar is throwing their annual Full Moon Party! Featuring: free Fluro Paint, Glow Sticks, UV Black Lights, a team of Make-Up Artists and Full Moon Cocktail Buckets! Dress in white and ignite your senses in a glow-in-the-dark playground. Cake yourself in fluorescent paint and party through the night & into the dawn.

Why: Like a bad LSD trip but without the interesting anecdote or artistic hipster credit.


8) Go Study

22nd May

What: Imagine a party with great food and drinks, on a Rooftop near the Opera House…and affordable! Yeah, this is happening! Don’t miss it!

Why: Just make sure when you imagine it you don’t go past the point in the dream when it turns into a nightmare and you have to have a large section of your ear removed due to a cancerous melanoma.


7) Kaze No Mori Sake Tasting

25th May

What: An advocate of Muroka (non-charcoal filtered sake) and Nama (unpasteurised), 13th generation Yoshihiko Yamamoto wants his customers to experience the authentic flavour and texture of his superfresh namazake. One of the most requested sake brands in the underground sake scene, this is one event that you don’t want to miss.

Why: There’s an underground sake scene. Who knew? Somehow it’s difficult to imagine the need for clandestine consumption of the liquid that fuels the highest rung of slightly older hipster.


6) Grant Burge Pop Up Cellar Door

25th May

What: Grant Burge Wines invites Sydney-siders to enjoy a night of sparkling wine and canapés, followed by a guided red wine tasting of some of the best wines the Barossa has to offer.

Why: Remember that ad campaign that sold the Barossa with a song referencing the vengeful hand of god? Well, we’re not believers, per se, but after enough wine we’re sure at some point to call out to an all-powerful entity. At least to stem the flood of diarrhoea.


5) Argentina National Day Festival 

25th May

What: Bring along your amigos to La Boca Bar and Grill and celebrate with a night of Argentinean foodstalls, fine Malbec and wine tasting by Artisan Malbec Wines and live Tango by Sydney Tango!

Why: Immerse yourself in a culture whose entire presence in your life has so far been soccer. And a vague notion of civil unrest.


4) Sublime Trend: Light-Rail In The Dark

24th May

What: A glorious night with great vibes, spirits, cocktails, beer and photographers and videographers to capture your glowy dance on the light-rail in the dark.

Why: Sydney doesn’t often sell its transport network well, but when they do, they understand alcohol is necessary.


3) Schild Estate: The Art of Wine-making

23rd May

What: Be treated to some genuine Schild hospitality, accompanied by a mouth watering four course meal prepared by the chefs at Kingsley’s Australian Steakhouse with each course expertly matched to two Schild Estate wines.

Why: It’s a gourmet experience that’ll have you ruminating on the pronunciation of ‘sch’. Prepare for classy violence should the subject of schedules be brought up in conversation.


2) Frapin x Men’s Biz Cognac Tasting Night

24th May

What: Since 1270, Frapin & Cie have been creating cognacs for Kings and connoisseurs alike. Enjoy a night of indulging in Cognac cocktails, inspired by the fragrances that capture the essence of cognac distillation.

Why: Sample the liquor of the gods. Then understand why it’s reserved for beings with immortal livers.’s-Biz-Cognac-Tasting-Night/52489050-7696-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


1) Vivid 

24th May-19th June

What: Vivid Sydney’s multi-award-winning festival of light, music and ideas returns to illuminate Sydney with mesmerising new light art and projections and deliver a fresh new program of music and ideas.

Why: Once again the city will be set alight and it’s not as a result of post-election riots.

Vivid Light:

Vivid Ideas:

Vivid Music:

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