Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 18/11/2018

Come, Sydney. Drink tea and whisky with earls and femme fatales.


10) T2 Miranda Summer Survival Workshop

21st November

T2 is here with the survival guide to summer featuring a day of the best iced blended teas, garnishes and all the store styling tips. You’ll be so dazzled by their blends you won’t even have the brain space to question the link between mass oft-outsourced production of tea and the link between mass-production and global warming that will likely make this summer the hottest yet.


9) MTL: ‘cuz normal is boring

17th & 18th November

A massive after-party to the Harbourlife Festival at Mrs Macquarie’s Point featuring the best of Sydney’s DJs. A music festival centred by a chair carved by convicts in 1810 ordered by the wife of an old English Governor? Who wouldn’t want to get drunk in a nightclub in the name of British colonialism?‘cuz-normal-is-boring/166c5f60-e9df-11e8-b14f-a713526e5192


8) Homemade ft. KYRO

17th & 18th November

Get down and dirty as Kyro – the mad mixer – twists up some serious beats that’ll have you cracking a sweat on the dance floor. We assume the sweat has something to do with the fact you’ll feel incredible amounts of social pressure to enjoy the feeling of a hundred sweaty drunken bodies vibrating to a form of music that should have been outlawed in the 80s.


7) Comfy Grrrl & EMCPLAY present #12

17th & 18th November

A night of the freshest up and coming techno-artists Sports, who plays a unifying array of dance music, Jennifer Jennifer whose talent lies in house and deeper grooves and Saucepot who delights in tech house mixed with funky grooves. Come spend a night with the best in DJ techno and getting so offensively drunk that DJ techno actually starts to sound like music. Or just stay home, get drunk and torture a cat.


6) WAKE UP with Martha Van Straaten (Berlin)

18th November

Martha van Straaten is among Germanys most influential taste makers of this year and will light up Buddhabar with a Deep House Yoga & Ecstatic Dance Party with a twist of Berlin vibes to start your day. A two-hour day party free of alcohol and drugs. Featuring a German wielding electro music. Don’t worry. It only sounds like a war crime.


5) Femme Fatales: A Dangerous Burlesk and Cabaret Revue

24th November

An evening of vintage fan dance, vintage and neo burlesque and femme fatale danger and beauty. There’s no need to question the complex, fluid and troubling manner in which women are currently viewed in society. There’ll be liquor and boobs.


4) Soul of Sydney 7th B’day Special feat. AFRO MOSES (live)

18th November

Soul of Sydney is celebrating 7 years of soul and drunk with a live dose of West-African inspired funk, roots & rhythms by one of the undisputed heavyweights of the sound – Afro Moses. Just, please, white people. You may dance, but detangle those fake dreadlocks.’day-Special-feat.-AFRO-MOSES-(live)/abddf8b0-e9df-11e8-b14f-a713526e5192


3) Arj Barker Tour 

24th November

Australia’s adopted son of comedy, known for Flight of the Conchords, returns with his brand new show We Need To Talk. Here’s how he describes it: “Hey, you got a hour? Look, I’ve been doing a shit-ton of thinking about…us, and where we’re headed. This isn’t easy, but I need to be 100% honest with you, even if what I say makes you laugh, very, very hard. You had better sit down for this….”.


2) Bill Bailey: Earl of Whimsy Tour

19th November

The Earl Of Whimsy set showcases Bailey’s trademark blend of satire and surrealism with a distinctly historical feel featuring tales of Britain’s fortunes past and present, ancient Viking battles and Shakespeare’s contribution to comedy. The genius, polymath, virtuoso, comedian, and the longest haired bald man will be foraging for nuts and berries on stage.


1) Output Festival 

24th November

A dance music odyssey of refreshing, crisp and flavourful house, disco and techno, inside an abandoned naval base on a private island in the shadow of the  Sydney Harbour Bridge. Nothing says ‘refreshing’ like sweating to confusing epileptic synths in something that once housed weapons of mass destruction.

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