Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 18/08/2019

It’s time to get twisted in the dark. And we’re not just talking about 3am vodka reflux.


10) Wakanda Vibes: DJ Chocolate Drop’s Birthday Bash

24th August

What: At Wakanda Vibes they love music and think that you should have only the best (no boring fillers). So get ready to dance all night long to the best Afrobeats, Dancehall, Reggae and Old Skool RNB in Sydney!

Why: There’s nothing more old school than a rave named for a 21st Century Marvel film.’s-Birthday-Bash/a8afbfe0-bd59-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192



24th August

What: It’s a night of all your favourite camp anthems, from Kylie to Danni, Mariah to Shania, Tina to Ariana, Spice Girls to Little Mix and Almighty to Freemasons. All those songs you love from the 90s to now that you just can’t help singing along to.

Why: Turns out just like that infection you contracted in late 90s, these anthems just keep coming back.


8) WeLove #214 Space Trip

23rd August

What: Travel to space with the WeLove crew. Dance and share the love for house and techno! Featuring some of the best local and international DJs & live performers including Dave Morales, Mer Esnal, Fede Batista, Murat Kilic and SANGALLI.

Why: So that’s what techno ravers are attempting to emote. Love. We’d always thought it was an organised protest in favour of legalising micro-doses of marijuana to treat epilepsy.


7) Boogie Wonderland: Welcome To Mars

18th August

What: Boogie Wonderland are taking their smooth live disco entertainment and all day groovy tunes outside for a funky night under the stars. To make things extra special a Chicago house legend – Ron Carroll – will be joining in the party!

Why: A night on mars with a seventies relic that is unaffiliated with Tesla.


6) Gully Boy Naezy Live

24th August

What: Naezy’s obsession with rap began when he was just 13. He didn’t have advanced music instruments, but he shot a video titled ‘Aafat’ on an iPad, and it went on to garner more than 470,000 views on YouTube, putting him in the spotlight. This feat got him noticed in India’s rap culture. Experience Bollywood meets Hip Hop at this once in a lifetime live set.

Why: ‘Bollywood meets Hip Hop’. Like Cadbury’s Vegemite. Two things of a specific cultural leant that when combined proclaim ‘the pinnacle of humanity’s creativity was reached long ago’.


5) Movies and Magnums: BIG NIGHT

19th August

What: Movies and Magnums is a series of dinners held in Restaurant Hubert’s Theatre Royale. This second film in this series will be BIG NIGHT – a culinary classic about 2 Italian immigrants who try their luck opening a restaurant in the Big Apple. The night will feature a film screening of Big Night, canapes, popcorn, a buffet dinner and magnums of wine.

Why: Dinner and a movie is no longer just a cheap date. It’s an overpriced, exhausting romp into pretension we’d never thought possible.


4) Astrotechno (Burning Seed Fundraiser for Astromates)

23rd August

What: Astromates is proud to bring an amazing all-night party with amazing Sydney Techno DJ’s in a great venue. The party is themed as SPACE ZOO. Please equip yourself with your space costume and gear as you will be travelling into space and will land on the Mars space station for an amazing journey. All proceedings will go towards funding Astromates at Burning Seed.

Why: A party for a good cause. The cause? The Australian version of Burning Man. What, you think hosting Psilocybin-dosed drum circles is cheap?


3) SWANKY ARRAY: Mothership Studios

24th August

What: Bringing together local filmmakers, musicians, visual artists & photographers all in one space to showcase their works. A space for attendees to come and enjoy art in a welcoming space, encouraging everyone to cut loose to live music whilst getting associated with works from local up and coming talents.

Why: A soup of creativity; as enjoyable as your first meal out at a medium-scale restaurant after a severe bout of gastroenteritis. With the addition of insufferable pretension.


2) Tom Gleeson: Joy Tour

24th August

What: Tom Gleeson is in every Aussie comedian’s Top 5. A true master of the craft, he remarkably gets better each year, a phenomena that ensures other comedians sneak in the back of his always sold out shows. Come see him live.

Why: You heard the promoters. Dress like Carrot Top and get in for free.


1) Abbey Road Live

20th August

What: In celebration of Abbey Road’s 50th anniversary, some of Australia’s most respected musicians and members of iconic groups, collectively known as ARC – Kram (Spiderbait), Mark Wilson (Jet), Davey Lane (You Am I) and Darren Middleton (Powderfinger) – all self-confessed Beatles tragics, will faithfully and lovingly bring The Beatles’ most audacious creation to life on stage, performing Abbey Road in full, from start to finish, followed by a second set comprising of a selection of hits spanning the breath of The Beatles’ career and catalogue.

Why: Like a relapsing necrophiliac just out of psychiatric rehab, the world is going down hard and deep on The Beatles. And these guys’ talent for fingering is unrivalled.


Special Mention

QVB After Dark LIVE

22nd August

What: Multiple levels of the iconic 121 year old building will come to life with performance art, live music and storytelling that will take you on a journey to the heart and soul of this wondrous place. The Heart of the QVB installation will be raised high up within the central dome and brought to life by immersive artist offerings and a live set by musicians Ginger & the Ghost. Performance art troop Twisted Elements will guide the crowd on adventures throughout the cultural space.

Why: Experience joy in the QVB without ending up bankrupt.

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