Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 17/02/2019

3 dimensions; 10 chances to get plastered. It’s time to experience reality in the best way possible: blurred.


10) Homemade ft. TENZIN

23rd February

What: An oldie but a goodie, DJ TENZIN is the hitting main stage and he is READY to put on a show! If you want entertainment, beats, to stare at an uber white smile and dance the night away, then see you at HOMEMADE!

Why: Or paint your teeth white with industrial grade wall paint and use the chemical high to experience the glorious reality that doesn’t involve the proliferation of run-of-the-mill DJs telling you to ‘feel the beat’.


9) Arabian Nights – Greek and Arabic Party For Gay Wogs

23rd February

What: ARABIAN KNIGHTS is an LGBTQI Party featuring Arabic, Greek, & RnB Music for Wogs who love Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Music. Get ready to shake your booty and clap to the rhythm with DJ Ray Isaac!

Why: We’re not sure we’re allowed to type the title of this event, as it requires reclamation of a word we don’t have the license to reclaim. But we are sure of one thing: the word to which we take the most offence is booty.


8) Side Bar Foam Party

21st February

What: There is no better way to sign off the summer break than with one last Foam Party!

Why: Well, we can think of a marginally better way: Getting fully vaccinated before you drive into a sweaty pit of foam and other bodily fluids.


7) The Story Of Acid House

23rd February

What: J Pierre has had an impressive and prolific career and what’s more he’s never strayed from his roots back in 80’s Chicago. His love of music and technology allowed him to suddenly blossom into becoming a key player in house music’s formative years. By the late 80’s DJ Pierre was synonymous with the acid house sound, as well as highly respected DJ. Traits that ring true to this day.

Why: Acid House. Yeah. We’ve always thought this brand of music required powerful drugs to enjoy. And here’s the proof.


6) Australian Leatherman and Mr Bootblack 2019

22th February

What: The competition features Leathermen and Bootblacks from around the country vying for the coveted national title. With an international line up of judges and emcees, witness for yourself the highs and lows of the contestants journey.

Why: What better way to say ‘screw the stereotypes’ donning a cow carcass from the 70s.


5) Freedom: One Night Only

23rd February

What: DJ Dan Murphy & Jonny Marsh present a one off night of hands in the air house classics, pride anthems and pop remixes to celebrate the start of the Mardi Gras party season.

Why: The once a year killer party begins! With a night of house classics to remind you of the 364 other days of the year wherein people also consider house music a legitimate form of expression.


4) Up For It!

23rd February

What: The Promoters of UP FOR IT! (Sydney’s legendary classics and anthems nights) invite you to a celebration of house music from 1988 to the present times!

Why: Nothing says ‘progress’ like hearing 31 years worth of different ways to scream ‘move your body’.!/0a7811e0-30ac-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


3) Queer AF

21st February

What: You’re in store for singalong tunes, dance beats, Disney drag queens and BIG performances! Are you a princess? A queen? A prince or a frog? Pull a sickening Disney-inspired look, and party harder than Olaf in the summertime.

Why: What better way to celebrate free expression and being yourself than by dressing up as a character birthed from the legacy of a Nazi Sympathiser?


2) 3 Dimensions

22nd February

What: It’s not the kind of party you’re used to do. It’s something bigger, and more beautiful. A new state of trance and happiness with big speakers, well structured stage, food stalls, first aid onsite, camping site, art stalls, massage, art, clothing shops, and more. Look forward to a wide-ranging music, art and cultural affair!

Why: Well, they’ve got one thing right. It’s not the kind of party we’re used to. Because the party’s we frequent don’t require onsite first aid. We have been missing out.


1) Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 

15th February-2nd March

What: Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is one of Australia’s most famous and well-loved events, bringing thousands of visitors to Sydney to join in the celebrations. It captures the imagination of Australia’s LGBTQI and mainstream communities, taking over the city for weeks on end, culminating in the world-famous Parade: a colourful and dazzling night of pride, celebration and self-expression.

Why: Screw Scott Morrison. That’s why.

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