Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 16/09/2018

Swash your buckles, Sydney. We’re taking you on a ride down fantasy strip.


10) Comedy on Edge!

18th Sep

Hire a baby sitter and tell them where the whisky is, because your kids are terrible monsters and you know it, and the baby sitter is going to be with them until at least 3am while you’re laughing your sick little guts out at Comedy on the Edge! Sydney’s night of the most dangerous comedians on the fringe.!/b99c5c20-b9ed-11e8-b14f-a713526e5192


9) Mid-Session Party Pirate Palooza

20th Sep

It’s been a hell of a hard slog. And you’re not even half way through. So you might as well dress up as history’s worst rapists and murderers and drink until that hole you’re sinking into feels less like the horror of an eternally banal existence and more like a bubble bath.


8) SaxBeatz Underground

22nd Sep

Get saxy, get bass, get further into innuendo than you ever wanted to in this night of radical house, sax and percussion.


7) Party Merchants #BluePlanet

21st Sep

But it’s not going to be blue for much longer. We envision something more of a…greyish reddish tinge accented with occasional toxic green fog clouds. Like if Bob Ross became a pan dimensional heroin addict and decided to paint the universe. So, it’s time to grab life by the marbles and party like the jazz techno fiend you are…because there very likely will be no tomorrow.


6) Dancing Colours: Do You Remember?

21st Sep

No. Unfortunately society hasn’t become progressive enough to allow you to justify your chronic substance abuse problem. In fact, to illustrate just how non-progressive society really is…here’s a dress-up disco party with a tagline “can you dig it?”


5) Dungeons and Drag Kweens

19th Sep

Here it is folks! It’s become somewhat of a traditional for us to bring one or two events to you a week that…we can’t really explain better than they already have, “Miriam, Cleo and Sabrina are relatively safe and sound in the bustling city of Xan’Moxie but they still have to find the murderer of Lady Esmerèe Van der Geist and clear their names. To do this though, things may have to get wild. So, sit back, relax and get ready to be transported to the retro, drag-fantasy universe you never knew you needed!


4) Italian Pop-Up

20th Sep

Mangia! Mangia! Because it’s only here for one night, and there’s no better excuse to treat an elegant upscale Italian gourmet pop-up like a feeding trough at a pig farm.


3) Go Out!

22nd Sep

Look, we too, would usually blow right by an event so callously blunt. However, this one is an old hat and so deserves a modicum of respect. So, cram your gullet with booze, holster your confetti guns and stick your insufficiently deodorised limbs in the air. Respectfully.!/59a30870-b9eb-11e8-b14f-a713526e5192


2) Whiskey! The Show

22nd Sep

Don’t get excited, soldier. We know it’s been a hard lonely time on the front but you’re going to have to pace yourself with these babies. If you’re not too careful you’ll wind up penniless, alone and suffering from both syphilis and liver disease.!-The-Show/98c84e30-b9ea-11e8-b14f-a713526e5192


1) Good Food Month

21st Sep-20th Oct

Depressed? Cram your complex feelings and deeply murky emotional mire with blind ephemeral joy! A whole month of denying your psychological internal turmoil by creating equivalent colonic turmoil.

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