Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 16/06/2019

The lights are out for another year. Finally. It’s so much less work getting pissed in the dark.


10) CAMP

22nd June

What: It’s a night of all your favourite camp anthems, from Kylie to Danni, Mariah to Shania, Tina to Ariana, Spice Girls to Little Mix and Almighty to Freemasons. All those songs you love from the 90s to now that you just can’t help singing along to.

Why: Turns out just like that infection you contracted in late 90s, these anthems just keep coming back.


9) WeLove #205: Marco Effe

21st June

What: Come together, dance and share the love for house and techno! This week WeLove presents the extremely talented Italian DJ/ producer: MARCO EFFE.

Why: We’d not thought that house and techno inspired feelings of love. But perhaps it’s one of those abusive kinds of relationships. No matter how many times you have your head slammed into the wall, you’ve deluded yourself into believing there’s something beautiful and worthwhile there.


8) Front Row Presents: SOUNDCHECK

22nd June

What: Complete Events Group and Front Row Presents bring you Australia’s number 1 EDM DJ, SOUNDCHECK with special guests The CRUSTY DEMONS. Ecstatic and powerful behind the decks, SOUNDCHECK’s live shows are extremely eye catching and highly energetic.

Why: Never had the pleasure of experiencing a full-body seizure? Here’s your chance.


7) Spektrum & Alter pres. Layton Giordani

22nd June

What: After a sell-out show with Layton Giordani back in 2017 they’ve invited the Drumcode protege back for another night of stripped back industrial techno alongside Berlin resident Weska and home girl Laura King straight out of Melbourne.

Why: “Stripped back”? Strange. We’d always thought the great appeal of techno was the melange of loud confusing sounds that drowned out errant thoughts like “I am wasting my life”.


6) Fairly Normal Launch Party

21st June

What: Over the past year, The Flinders you know and love has risen from the ashes, and solidified itself as the deeply fried capital of downright dirty underground music. Now, its ready to enter another chapter. It’s grown, learned, and overcome and consequently teamed up with a few outside loose screws to present to you. Come see.

Why: Everything that is a dive bar with everything that is dirty underground music. But, you know, it’s safe and expensive. This is all the street credit you’re capable of earning.


5) Japanese Whisky Dinner featuring Hibiki 17 & Yamazaki 18

19th June

What: Introducing a Japanese Whisky Dinner, featuring Yamazaki, Hibiki, Hakushu & Toki. These esteemed, and highly awarded Suntory distilleries have a rich history. Through the evening, you will be tasting 6 whiskys, including the extremely rare YAMAZAKI 18YR, and the now discontinued HIBIKI 17YR, with a complimentary cocktail on arrival featuring TOKI blended whisky.

Why: The less able you are to pronounce the name of a liquor, the more justification you have to indulge your chronic addiction in the name of ‘degustation’.


4) KINK 15 Year Anniversary

22nd June

What: The party responsible for countless good times, lifelong friendships and (un)forgettable nights, will return for a very special 15 year anniversary. It’s only fitting to bring back a core group of DJs synonymous with the KINK brand and to make Goodbar’s basement all about classic KINK tunes while upstairs will play host to a night of vintage breaks.

Why: It’s rather like everyone’s 15th birthday: Full of unearned nostalgia and experimentation with alcohol so weak that it can’t possibly have any detrimental effects, but that psychologically causes you to feel as gritty as Keith Richards.


3) The Longest Nightmare of the Year

21st June

What: The Kraken Black Spiced Rum is giving Australians a different way to welcome the winter solstice. After screaming the night away walking through a sea of the undead, attendees will experience a never-ending seafood grazing table; live-entertainment; reptiles straight from your worst fears and a nightmarish selection of The Kraken Black Spiced Rum cocktails.

Why: Experience a different kind of fear to that constant existential hum of dread that every year gets a little louder and a little more grating.


2) Nick Offerman: All Rise Tour

18th June

What: Award-winning US actor, writer and comedian Nick Offerman returns to Australia for the first time since 2016, with his brand new live show: ALL RISE. All Rise is an evening of deliberative talking and light dance that will compel you to chuckle whilst enjoining you to brandish a better side of humanity than the one to which we have grown accustomed.

Why: Artist; comedian; wood-carver…is there anything this man can’t do? Yes. Exist in your head without the word ‘Fremulon’ playing on a loop.


1) Good Food & Wine Show

21st-23rd June

What: This year the Good Food & Wine Show, presented by Citi, is excited to again offer an exciting line-up of features to discover, taste, share and enjoy. Here is your chance to become immersed in all things food and wine, with returning show favourites and new, never before seen experiences and masterclasses.

Why: Yes. This is your chance. Your one chance in this modern Western society to turn your head away from the achingly conservative Soviet-era-like gruel that encompasses your everyday diet.

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