Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 15/07/2018

Clear the goal; free your soul; slick the pole. Ah, Sydney. It’s going to be a good ‘un.


10) The Club – Horizon

14th July

It’s a good life – no more. Face it. But there are things on the horizon, as long as we stare hard enough. In fact, this spinner’s so manically confident he’s included the sky phenomena in his name.


9) No Evil ft. SOUNDCHECK

21st July

No holds barred. Just the night, the vibes and the dj…who wears sunglasses in doors. No judgement.


8) National Kizomba Day

21st July

No, we haven’t caught some rabid viral explosive winter flu and Kizomba is not an onomatopoeic expression of our mucus. In the grand tradition of capoeira and zumba, the nation shall be united once again in drunken quasi-cultural appropriation.


7) 2018 Wooter Ball

21st July

Swift, stylish, unfortunately named. France’s Condom in Dixon Park.


6) Flywheel’s Xmas in July

21st July

An Xmas on the fly. But don’t worry, kids, there’ll be no packet ramen and cognac-baileys-cinzano-some-manner-of-expired-greek-aniseed-car-paint-dissolver punch at this cozy soiree.’s-Xmas-in-July/bada2b60-863c-11e8-a29d-3b215eb5f5c0


5) Soccer Locker GlowBack

21st July

Goooooooooaaaaaaaaallllllll! You should probably wait ’til after they’re gone the next morning to scream that.


4) Winter Solstice Party Temple

20th July

Better re-check those blueprints, kid. Never know how those clairvoyant vibes will affect your brainwaves once you’ve suited up.


3) Season X in the Bridge

21st July

Three is the magic number. Sorry. We know it took ten hard years to forget that damn song. But we feel its worth it cause this one’s blasting the lock out laws with one hell of a shindig. 14 straight hours of freedom. Just…just don’t you dare sing that bloody ad.


2) Dr Sketchy Burlesque Life Drawing Class

17th July

Backs straight, pencils down. We said pencils down. This is a classy joint.


1) Wet Caviar

19th July

A moist night. The mild odour of fish. You can tell what’s coming, can’t you?

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