Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 15/03/2020

Die consuming not expelling.


10) Side Bar feat. Coby Watts

21st March

What: Sydney, get set to party with Coby Watts at Side Bar with a huge dose of confetti, party anthems and rocking tunes. If you’re an avid Australian EDM fan you definitely aren’t a stranger to Coby Watts. Expect fun times, jazzy cocktails and the best local supporting acts.

Why: EDM is louder and more abrasive than your fears.



20th March

What: Experience 12 hours of techno at Goodbar with Melbourne techno royalty, DJ Kiti, leading the line up alongside a stellar cast of Sydney talent. Simon Caldwell (FBI Radio/Mad Racket) will be playing for the first time alongside Nick Reverse (WeLove) and Ravi Luchesi, Iv Drip (Nectar/Headroom) & Guides (Extract the Motion/Dialectic Recordings) and Jas Manning (UNDISLCOSED).

Why: Blast your worries away by blasting your prefrontal cortex with liquor and rave music.


8) Hermitage Green (Live)

17th March

What: Because the first tickets sold out, Limerick folk/pop outfit Hermitage Green is putting on a second show as a St Patrick’s Day treat!

Why: The older the tradition, the more susceptible to the hipster virus it is.


7) Beyond Cinema Presents: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

21st March

What: It’s the Annual Transylvanian Convention darlings and they are inviting you to the event of the decade at Dr Frank-N-Furter’s mansion. Grab a drink and take a seat as you meet old friends Riff Raff, Magenta, Columbia and Eddie for Dr Frank-N-Furter’s grand reveal of his latest creation, Rocky! You’ll be immersed in the Dr’s Mansion, join in on the songs and dances performed by Transylvanians and sit down for a viewing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show on the big screen. The evening experience will conclude in true Frank-N-Furter style with a grand after party for you all to Time Warp again.

Why: If you’re going to contract something, you might do it in fishnets.


6) WeLove #244 feat. Marcelo Cura

20th March

What: Deeply influenced by Hip Hop culture, 90’s house and percussion sessions at a young age, Marcelo Cura exudes a minimal aesthetic, inspired by ethnic resonances, dreamy pads and energetic beats. His Sound Engineering Diploma at EICAR Paris, enabled him to mix his own tracks and for different artists allowing him to become a true perfectionist in the architecture of sounds. Considering music as a medicine, Marcelo is a contemporary music storyteller. Experience him live.

Why: Finally. There’s a higher education qualification that both the arts and sciences can look down upon.


5) Kennyon Brown ‘Out The Blue’ Release Party

20th March

What: After a relentless touring schedule over the past few years in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Europe, R&B artist Kennyon Brown is set to drop his debut solo release titled “Out The Blue” accompanied by this exclusive release show event, Kennyon Brown will be performing live with special guests DJ Noiz, Donell Lewis, Delawou and Jaecy whom all appear on this up and coming release and current projects.

Why: Unfamiliar with his work? Think of every recent RnB artist. Then go on a boat and get drunk and try to forget how mortally terrified you are.‘Out-The-Blue’-Release-Party/e1c61970-6540-11ea-96b7-b132cf2a7536


4) Grime Wave

20th March

What: Bringing together the top MCs from all over Australia to represent the growing culture around grime and hip hop. An experience not to be missed featuring Wombat, Mitchos, Jye Simpson, K3amz and many more grime and hip hop legends.

Why: If you catch something at this, no one will have any sympathy for you. The name’s like a rattle on a snake.


3) Swanky Array

21st March

What: Swanky Array centres on various mediums of art and music. Experience a very intimate showcase and mix ranging from live music, DJ sets, visual art, visual installations, film and photography. Live music acts include Kamaliza, Micah Jey, Out on Bvle, Elkoomson, JAIM and Wytchings. Visual artists on display include Art By Emel, DVNA3 and IZZY. The featured filmmaker will be Aleese Musa with a visual installation from Dark Cinema.

Why: If anyone looks pale and clammy, relax, it’s way more likely to be a lethal overdose.


2) Ross Noble ‘Humournoid’ Tour 

19th March

What: What happens when a creature is created and bred to do stand up? Nobody knows because that isn’t a thing. What is a thing is Ross Noble doing a show. You can come and see. This is it.

Why: One of the least detestable high-profile Englishmen the world has laughed at in recent times.‘Humournoid’-Tour-(Newcastle)/b4222c10-58fd-11ea-96b7-b132cf2a7536


1) Tim Minchin ‘Back’ Tour

17th-21st March

What: After selling out his national tour in record breaking time and receiving rave audience reviews across the country earlier this year, internationally renowned, award-winning musician, comedian, actor, writer and composer, TIM MINCHIN is coming back…back-to-back, with BACK in 2020. BACK is billed as “Old Songs, New Songs, F*** You Songs”, hinting at a set list of material from all corners of Minchin’s eclectic – and often iconoclastic – repertoire.

Why: A wandering minstrel touring a plague-ridden world. There’s a lesson about history to be gleaned from this. But there’s a louder lesson about ever-imminent death. You might as well go down laughing.

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