Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 14/10/2018

Hold tight to the reigns, Sydney. This week starts with a man named Tex and ends with a cheap trick. It’s going to be a hell of a ride.


10) Tex Perkins with Matt Walker

20th October

You can tell where this one’s going. From punktonica thug to lilting dark country, this indie musician clearly has little talent for subtlety.


9) Rave for Mental Health

19th October

There’s a redundancy within the title of this one. We are aware. Clearly they are not. But awareness of reality is clearly not their strong suit. A dress-up rave to raise funds for Mental Health Awareness wherein the theme is ‘journey’.


8) VMDownUnderground

16th October

A night of DJ spinning to welcome you into the virtual world. Thank god. We knew there was still hope. Live DJs don’t exist on the non-virtual plane.


7) Spektrum pres. Markus Homm

20th October

He uses a k instead of a c. Either he’s a maverick who plays by his own linguistic rules, he’s brain damaged, or he’s…yes he’s German. And he’s bringing you deep minimal underground tech.


6) Sasha March House Gig

20th October

Indie music. In a warehouse. Apparently, this crap never gets old to you hipsters. Is that psychology the reason you walk around carrying $500 mouldy briefcases from the 30s?


5) The Streets Tribute

20th October

A 3 hour journey into the best of The Streets studio albums followed by UK Garage and Deep House. But don’t be fooled. There will be no people present who have experience the gritty hardcore reality of living on the streets because the tickets cost money. And there are no refunds.


4) The Wall & Defiant MGMT presents Perto

20th October

Clearly, you’re not getting out of this one. And why would you want to? A terrifying clown-type figure will be assaulting your senses with an extreme DJ set and accompanying visuals.


3) Exorcism

19th October

Finally. An exorcism wherein you don’t have to wander if the guy in the cassock uses sweets or Rohypnol to lure his victims.


2) Whisky Uncovered: Spring Symphony

20th October

It’s the best part of the morning when the whisky cover comes off, isn’t it? And clearly, the Spring Symphony share our affection for this moment. A 5 course whisky and gourmet degustation accompanied by…Danish music. Ah. Well. There’s always some kind of psychological justification for getting hammered. Danish music is one among many.


1) Cheap Trick Tour 

17th October

Surrender to the dream police. They want you to want them.

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