Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 14/07/2019

This week you’ll be eating crow. Turns out you were wrong that time you tried to assure everyone that every band member of Tame Impala had died.


10) Hidden Planet feat. Sippy, Ian Munro and Avance

20th July

What: Hidden Planet is back at Civic Underground and has brought all new travellers along. Extend a welcome and put your faith in the hands of some very reliable bass enthusiasts. Featuring: Sippy, Ian Munro and Avance.

Why: It’s what every bass-playing young rager strives for: reliability.


9) Foam Party

19th July

What: For those who like it wet and wild on the dance floor, this is your chance to be slathered from head to toe at Sydney’s craziest foam party. Dive into Side Bar for a night of effervescent merry-making! There is no better way to battle the winter blues than with a Foam Party!

Why: Well, we can think of a marginally better way: Getting fully vaccinated before you dive into a sweaty pit of foam and other bodily fluids.


8) Cro-Bar

20th July

What: Darling Harbour will come alive on the rooftop Home nightclub. Sto Na Sat, Dj Slaven and Dave Austin will have the Glass surrounded main room blasting out all the latest and greatest Croatian music with Dave Austin dropping his latest Cro NRG Remixes. The Backroom will be blasting R&B, house, EDM and NRG.

Why: The best way to experience a country marked by genocide and soccer: in a different country with music so loud that any hint of cognisance is blasted away.



17th July

What: 1NCE AGAIN are back for another party ‘for Sydney, by Sydney’ showcasing a few of their upcoming underground creatives. With live DJ’s, fashion & videography showcases and a performance from rising star Yaw., 1NCE AGAIN invites Sydney in to experience firsthand the new creative wave hitting the city.

Why: The essence of creativity: repetition and EDM.


6) Twisted & Twelve” Presents: Phil Smart

19th July

What: Presenting an absolute veteran in the Australian underground music scene. Phil has been a fixture on the Australian electronic music scene for over thirty years. He’s renowned for playing the newest sounds and forward-thinking electronic music. Come experience him live.

Why: Good thing EDM is forward-thinking. You don’t want to think back and start to analyse the horrifying series of events that lead you to an EDM rave.


5) Season X in the Bridge #6

20th July

What: A night of the best of House and Techno and powerful Psytrance with some of the biggest headliners in Sydney. Season X will be taking over 3 rooms at the The Bridge Hotel with the main stage featuring Techno, the middle room featuring Psytrance, and the Courtyard featuring the best of Groove and Techno music.

Why: Three rooms. It’s like Monty Hall. But behind every door there’s a goat.


4) Spektrum presents Alberto Ruiz

20th July

What: Spektrum return with another night of stripped back European techno. This time joining them is none other than Alberto Ruiz. Alberto’s tracks are constantly hitting the top 50 techno charts and his talent in the studio seems to be evolving at a blinding pace. Experience his talents live.

Why: Experience a stripped back European without having to finally figure out what the hell Brexit actually is.



19th July

What: Come experience Sydney’s new wave of music in a night of rave and up-and-coming DJ producers.Featuring: Peter James, DXVNDRE, Johnny (from the Burbs), THE GRAVEYARD BOYZ, BART XL, KANI, Essence, XTER, Shafee, Kobee Layce, RENNAN and Nay The Kid.

Why: Remember when a new wave of music meant gritty underground clubs and complex anti-government messages? Us neither. Thanks to rave music, we can’t remember anything beyond ten minutes ago.


2) Southern Highlands Writers’ Festival 

20th July

What: The Southern Highlands Writers’ Festival was established in 2012 in the NSW country town of Bowral. The Festival attracts some of Australia’s leading writers and thinkers and past speakers have included Mike Carlton, Robert Dessaix, Nikki Gemmell, David Malouf and Don Watson, to name just a few.

Why: What better place is there to creatively analyse the philosophical quandaries of this new technological age than a series of quiet rolling hillocks?’-Festival-2019/13a65500-9e9e-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


1) Splendour in the Grass

19th-21st July

What: Over 100 of the world’s most exciting, provocative and seminal musicians alongside a crew of revered homegrown talent will descend upon Splendour in the Grass to light up the Amphitheatre, Mix Up, GW McLennan and Tiny Dancer stages this winter. Headlining will be Childish Gambino, making good on Donald Glover axing last year’s Australian tour, alongside Chance The Rapper, who’s bringing a new album with him. Rounding out the headliners is Australian music royalty Tame Impala.

Why: A rarefied experience: A music festival that, as of yet, does not have a criminal record extensive enough to result in a ban.

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