Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 13/01/2019

The heat will be the death of you, Sydney. Unless you drink yourself to death before that. Personally, we believe the latter is far more pleasurable than the former.


10) Homemade ft. BENIBEE

19th January

What: Homemade runs over 4 crazy dancefloors so if club hits aren’t your thing there are two R&B/Hip Hop rooms and our infamous deep house smoking balcony, let the good times roll.

Why: There’s nothing better than homemade. A statement we’ve always believed is utter bollocks. Unless, of course Homemade is the name of a bar night serving vast quantities of stuff that you should probably not attempt to make at home.


9) WeLove #183 with Alex Ferrer + Secret Guest

18th January

What: Alex Ferrer is a DJ, producer and label owner who has become one of Spain’s finest exports in house music throughout recent years. Come party with him live. Feel the deep grooves as night blends into day.

Why: If there’s any music Spain is known for it’s music from 80s Chicago.


8) Season X in the Club

19th January

What: The Season X team is proud to announce the First Edition in this new place for this legendary event in a new bigger place! Featuring a line up full of legends to bring the best of House and Techno and Psytrance.

Why: Finally. Expansion. A place where one can breathe. Breathe in the fumes of a thousand vodka cruisers, insufficient deodorant and the partially melted wiring of an over-abused synthesiser.


7) Levels: The First Party Of 2019

19th January

What: Levels returns for their first party in 2019! Cheaper than any other event in Western Sydney and a huge lineup featuring some of Sydney’s most talented DJ’s!

Why: What better sentence is there to hear than “cheaper than any other event in Western Sydney”? Other than, of course, “I found this free pizza in the gutter and it only had one needle on it”.


6) Barbecue & Booze

17th January

What: Melty, oozy smoked meats – and a glass (or 5) of some professionally paired whiskies from around the globe? A world tour of whisky and barbecue!

Why: What could be better? Well, we’ve already provided your coroner report. Saves time.


5) (Gin &) Tonic Picnic

19th January

What: In this tasting with a difference, gather at a secret location at a world famous garden location in Sydney whilst you’re taken on a journey of different tonics out there and how they pair with the gin on tap!

Why: We can’t think of a more appropriate way to indulge in violent self-destruction than a picnic on the 40 degree skin-cancer-kissed harbour of Sydney.


4) This Is Living Launch Party Ft. Sideboob

19th January

What: A boozy launch party featuring the explosive DJ talents of Sideboob, Dom Andra, David Bloss, Caliti, Rui Guillen, C. Sauce and more.

Why: Annihilate your liver, your personal space and your ear drums all at once. It’s the old adage applied to the 21st Century. To live you must die. Well, certain parts of you must die, anyway.


3) Illawarra Folk Festival 

17th-20th January

What: Four exciting summer days of folk, world, roots, bluegrass, gypsy and Celtic music, as well as poetry, comedy and dance.

Why: We’re not ones to disparage the hyperbolic usage of language, but…they’re really playing it fast and loose with the word ‘exciting’. It is the folk music of the 21st Century. In defence of vegan methane expulsions rather than personal freedom. Though…technically that is a personal freedom.


2) Mumford & Sons Delta Tour 

18th January

What: With new single ‘Guiding Light’ released last month, Mumford & Sons have once again proven, they are in the form of their lives. In support of their forthcoming fourth album, Delta, the wildly popular quartet will reconnect with a fanbase hungry for new material!

Why: So, kids, don your fedoras and listen to every vaguely exotic tourism ad you can, for the hipster kings of inoffensive alternative folk are back.


1) Sydney Festival

9th-27th January

What: 18 world premieres, city-wide free events and art in some very unusual places. Sydney Festival is descending upon summer exploding with music, theatre, dance, opera, visual arts, ideas, free and family events.

Why: Dump your awful visiting relatives in the middle of the colourful and distracting circus, sneak back home behind a troupe of street performers in offensively snug leotards and change the locks to your front door.

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