Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 12/08/2018

From burgeoning indie bands to Katy-effing-Perry, this is one week that you’ll be recounting (to your priest or therapist) with a sigh.


10) Spaced Out

16th August

Ride that unicorn till the morn, kids, to the spaced out live smooth beats of Sydney indies DOKO, Jackie Brown Jr and Good Pash.


9) Rhythm of the Night

18th August

Ah, the 90s. Needless to say, we were all glad when it died. Of course, we had no idea of the horror that would follow that would have us all suddenly stocking up on industrial quantities of all-asbestos paint. This night, follow up your early evening paint-sniffing session with a night of 90s club classics at Rocksia Hotel. The dress code is smart casual. 90s smart casual. So…shoot for 80s rapist.


8) GF Elbow + Oxford Poet + Deadly Deadly

18th August

Sooth your soul; the bar is dark, the drinks are darker. Oh yeah, and it’s playing host to three of the newest indie smooth synth bands.


7) Fottloose

17th August

We don’t know about you, but…wait. Of course we know about you. You’ve been feeling pretty comfortable, assuming your dedication to Adam Hills’ The Last Leg is sufficiently supporting the disabled community? Ha! Well, fortunately for you, as always, we have the remedy for this ethical lapse. Fottloose. A night of denim, food stalls, booze, DJs and raising funds for the people with disabilities in the Illawarra.


6) City2Surf Afterparty

12th August

This time, your sweat will be as a result of being surrounding by the trained athletes in dance attire; we’re talking dual arousal and shame. Though…we guess that’s not strictly so different to the actual City2Surf event. Though much, much more noticeable.


5) Psycroptic/Archspire/Hadal Maw Sydney

17th August

The rawest gods of death metal Psycroptic, Archspire and Hadal Maw will be taking up arms (and probably consuming them live on stage) for one night in each Australian city. Get ready, mortals. Breathe deep. For this is perhaps the one time you will ever experience the fear-inducing silence before the assault…the assault heralded by the fiercest Canadian, Tasmanian and Melbournian warriors. Like we said…it’s a one time only kind of thing.


4) Mark Harding EP Launch

16th August

Well, folks, prepare to get your guts kicked out by a folk singer. Hold on, before you take that statement literally, remember that Harding is a folk singer, by which we mean he’ll be gently plucking every strand of your emotional makeup you might just feel the physical need to expel more than just your tears at the launch of this new EP.


3) Legacy NightClub Anniversary

12th August

In this era of perpetual motion into the idiot abyss it doesn’t seem so audacious to claim 1 year as a qualifier for a ‘legacy’. Especially when the celebration of said legacy involves Caribbean music and a boozy all night dance party.


2) Decoded Magazine Launch Party

17th August

The electro gods are launching in Australia and they’ve invited Robbie Lowe (By Your Side), Andrew Wowk (undulate / BBR), Mark Craven (Kiltr), Tristan Case (Return to Rio) and the recently returned home, Editor of Decoded Magazine, Damion Pell to their new digs.


1) Katy Perry

13th-16th August

Witness. That’s what the new tour’s called. Seems she’s learned something from the correlation between concert attendees and the dramatic local increase in the sale of earplugs recorded from her last live tour.

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