Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 10/02/2019

This week, Lazarus will push you to the brink of madness. Preach.


10) Bring Back The Funk Debut

10th February

What: Are you a lover of the old days – the good old days? Where the music was funky, happy, and vocal? If so, Bring Back the Funk is a party for you! Featuring some of Sydney’s best DJs.

Why: If you’re a lover of the old days we can only assume that you’re suffering from enough dementia to actually experience happiness. In which case, it doesn’t really matter that they will be playing Funk music. You could dance to the sound of an air raid.


9) Fiesta Unlimited Launch

15th February

What: Come join “Fiesta Unlimited” for their Australasia launch party! Featuring: 70s, 80s and 90s dance music all night, live percussion and vocal acts by “Fiesta Unlimited”, a cuban dance demo, a free impromptu dance workshop, a Soul Train and a giveaway for the best dressed Soul sister/brother.

Why: You appreciate the complex individuality of all cultures and their musical heritage. Prove it by shoving a bunch of different cultures into a pot with Rick Astley and drowning the whole thing in liquor.


8) Goodbar presents BUTCH

15th February

What: Goodbar presents one of the hardest working, most enthralling artists in the industry: Butch. An expert in tension and release tactics, he has the ability to drive a crowd into euphoria and draw them into a trance in a mere few tracks.

Why: Nothing says ‘trance-like euphoria’ like a night with a guy named ‘Butch’.


7) Prescription: Carnival We’re Coming

15th February

What: Caribbean music played the Caribbean way! Featuring DJ Fasmwa, DJ Naiki and more! DJ Fasmwa is a passionate advocate of Caribbean music. An original DJ from SpinDMusic, his skills have seen him play across Australia. Naiki is internationally known as a Hip Hop DJ, his vast experience and interest in Reggae dancehall also allows him to select some of the best tunes from the Caribbean.

Why: Yes! Celebrate the complex culture and sociopolitical turmoil of the Caribbean in the most apt way a first-world Westerner ever could! In a safe, enclosed space surrounded by other drunk english-speaking people!’re-Coming/76a6be80-2b2e-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


6) Pre-Launch Party for DITA Lancier

13th February

What: Drinks, hors d’oeuvres and an exclusive preview of the world-first collection from DITA Eyewear! Be the first to experience DITA’s advanced lens technology for land (driving), sea (sailing/beach), and air (flying/hiking).

Why: When else will you more appreciate the necessity of hundreds of dollars worth of eye-correcting devices than when you’re blind drunk?


5) Novel + Finer Things presents George FitzGerald & Black Loops

15th February

What: Novel and Finer Things is teaming up for a double international featuring George FitzGerald & Black Loops.  Black Loops has built himself a solid reputation as one of House music’s most creative and progressive producers. Fitzgerald takes control of global clubs to spread his gospel of fluid house and shimmering techno.

Why: The one time ‘progressive’ and ‘gospel’ can be used in the same description without someone trying to lure you into a cult.


4) Nights Like This presents Damian Lazarus (Crosstown Rebels)

16th February

What: Welcome Burning Man veteran & Crosstown Rebels label boss Damian Lazarus to the Goodbar basement. Damian Lazarus has worked tirelessly to maintain a constant flow of creativity and innovation within the house and techno sphere. Never losing focus, he continues on his mystical pathway to greatness. Open your mind, embrace the magic, and get ready for the next spellbinding chapter.

Why: You know what they say about drunken sweaty club nights headed by a Burning Man veteran. It’s all about focus.


3) Heineken Summer Party ft. Young Franco

15th February

What: Summer Party by Heineken is an opportunity to get the cities like-minded and driven socialites to experience a one off high-octane event featuring a series of performances by super-stars, local support DJs, bespoke Heineken activations and more.

Why: Nothing gets you more in the mood to be able to stand the company of socialites and the noise of generic DJ music than vast quantities of beer. Well. Maybe a lobotomy.


2) Imperial Madness

15th February

What: A global melange of queer-lesque proportions direct from Vienna and across the globe! This is truly shaping up to be THE dance party and social club night! You’ll be entertained by DJ Mart. Direct from Vienna with his heaps gay mash-up of deep house classics, tech house and the occasional pop anthem thrown in for good measure.

Why: We’re not well affiliated with music direct from Vienna. All we know is that nothing in humanity’s vast musical opus tops…Europop.


1) Selina’s presents The Preatures

14th February

What: Celebrate Valentine’s at Coogee Bay Hotel with a party in The Garden before kicking on at Selina’s with The Preatures. The Preatures have a knack for writing pop hooks that dig deep. Their sound seamlessly builds on the crisp rock precedents, set by groups like Blondie and the Pretenders.

Why: Nothing says ‘happy consumer capitalism day’ like a generic indie band ripping off new-wave punk.’s-presents-The-Preatures/5015c470-2b2c-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192

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