Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 09/09/2018

Shave yourself, Sydney. We’re attaching the electrodes to you now.


10) Friday the 14th Revival

14th September

You know, we usually like to put our own spin on whatever we serve up to you, but honestly, this event has been so expertly phrased by the devils themselves, it would be pointless to try: “Reboots, revivals, and remakes. Prequels that attempt to humanise the killer because their victims are never memorable enough to deserve complex character deconstruction. Weird sequels that contradict the lore of their predecessors. Every slasher dreams of testing the limits of audience’s tolerance of a franchise, and the Newcastle University Drama Society certainly isn’t above it either, which is why we are proud to announce the official revival production of Friday the 14th, a comedic thriller of college theatre proportions!“.


9) One Big Friday of RnB

14th September

You ready to get down? Get funky? Ugh. Now we know what it feels to to age 20 years in the space of seven words. But it’s okay. For we have the tonic that should shave at least 5 years off. A huge night of RnB across two rooms, live DJs and damage control more effectively age reversing than the carcinogenic paint thinner from the box with the lady who looked like she just suffered a minor concussion (and loved it).


8) Endless

14th September

Oh, there’ll be an end. But it’ll be mid-afternoon the next day and it certainly won’t be a pleasant one. More of a…relief. At least to your toilet bowl. A night of deep-dive into house and techno, partying with freedom, love, good vibes and “unique experiences” on the dance floor.


7) Miller Music Amplified

14th September

Ever had one of those nights when you find yourself somehow surrounded by hardstyling DJs and a bunch of flamingos? Then you’ll really dig this. Two nights of pure dance, drink and live sets from The Aston Shuffle, KLP LO’99 and Young Franco.


6) Feline Desire

15th September

The launch of a psychedelic trio directly into your veins – and it won’t cost you anything beyond your medicare gap.


5) Creative Roots Art Party

15th September

Root. Hard. For there is no escape from the political horror so it’s not like being a rolling stone who gathers no moss is an option. Either way, we’re old covered in poisonous mould so you might as well stay where you are and…PARTY. A night of “arty partying” wherein “Amid a creative ecology of like-minded beings we’ll share music, art, poetry, dance and flow to inspire you to reconnect with and nourish the creativity which grows in us all.” And they don’t just mean that troubling black lump on your liver.


4) Elio Villafranca CD Launch

12th September

“…gritty, raputrously lyrical, sparkling and luscious”…it’s a depressingly telling sign of the times we live in that you can’t tell from that description whether we’re describing a perfume, a holden sedan, a raspberry compote or one of the rising musical stars of 2018 whose genius new album encompasses a “five-movement suite combin(ing) jazz, Afro-Caribbean rhythms, powerful narration and song to tell stories of rebellion and determination in the pursuit of freedom“.


3) La Bondi Fonda (Chilean Independence Fiesta)

15th September

Caña dig it? Well, you will be the next morning. Right behind your left eye ranging to your sinus. But it’s worth it. For Bondi Beach is lighting up with drinks, DJS and one hell of a Chilean Independence Fiesta! Admit it. You know nothing of Chile. But that’s never stopped you from getting blasted and yelling drunken half-formed Spanish before.


2) Sydney Fringe

28th Aug-30th Sep

Time to whip out those scissors, for its the only time wherein giving yourself a haircut will pass for ‘alternative’ rather than “I got drunk and wanted to find my best self”.


1) Sydney Underground Film Festival Opening Night Party

13th September

The freaks are here and they’ve brought cameras. Because these days, recording evidence is simply a matter of necessity. That’s right. The SUFF is opening themselves up to you, and you better make sure you wear protection.

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