Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 07/10/2018

It’s a week of indie music and pop legends, Sydney. So you better believe we’ve given you a hell of an opportunity to stock up on wine.


10) Welcome to Australia Party

11th Oct

Insofar as it’s a free party and you’re bloody well going to be paying for the fact that you’re not a citizen for the rest of your life considering who currently has a stranglehold on Australian politics.


9) National Cool Climate Wine & Food Festival

13th Oct

124 acres of the best wines of Mayfield, and a gigantic maze in which to uh…’misplace’ your children.


8) Verge Festival: Live Sessions

11th Oct

A night of indie music to celebrate the Verge Festival which we assume is some kind of perverse way of acknowledging, with the presence of uni students misinterpreting the lyrics of Johnny Cash with ukeleles, the fact that humanity has gone beyond the verge of sanity and is now simply violently regressing.


7) Season X in the Bridge #4

13th Oct

No, not a porn shoot. Though we’re not writing the chance off completely. There’s always hope. No, this is a Psytrance with the biggest headliners of house and techno.


6) Ecstatic Dance Party

12th Oct

Ahh, cultural misappropriation. Well it just wouldn’t be the start off spring without a bunch of drunken white people letting the “Kundalini energy flow and express itself”.


5) Aperol Rooftop Bar Pop Up

11th Oct

Spring is here, my dears and the ground is bloody soaked in the la nina effect. But screw horrifying indications of increasingly prevalent global warming, let’s get drunk in the sky!


4) Zoltan Fecso ‘Shimmer’ Raga Album Launch

10th Oct

Just look at this guy. Shoulder length hair, a beard, a deliberately beaten-up guitar and no shoes. And a style of music he describes as a perversion of pointillism. He’s the hipster bloody messiah.‘Shimmer’-Raga-Album-Launch/9b90f880-cc1c-11e8-b14f-a713526e5192


3) DaveQon

We’re…not entirely sure who this Dave is and why he enjoys misspelling words, however, we do know he’s sure into underground carnival Psytrance. The over-exposure to which clearly has its negative affects.‘Shimmer’-Raga-Album-Launch/9b90f880-cc1c-11e8-b14f-a713526e5192


2) Mariah Carey The Number 1’s Tour

12th Oct

We may live under a rock but it’s impossible not to know about this singer. Believe us. We’ve tried. But she’s loud. Very loud. So buy your tickets at your peril. Just remember. She’s had sex with James Packer. So…you know where her standards lie.’s-Tour-Sydney/181eb940-518f-11e8-a8dd-e3a56d3eda89


1) Kesha Rainbow Tour 

11th Oct

Tik tok. Yeah that’s pretty much all we know about this pop singer. And that’s already more than we want to know. But we’ve been told she’s quite popular. So. She makes the list.

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