Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 07/07/2019

The revolution is upon us. You know what that means. Wine before 9am.


10) It’s A House Party 2.0 feat. DeAndre

13th July

What: If you thought the launch of ‘It’s A House Party’ was big, wait until you head face first into 2.0. Featuring DJ DeAndre. DeAndre is a Sydney based DJ/PRODUCER, previously hailing from Portugal. Deandre has played across some of the best venues offering nothing but absolute house heaters and a vibe like no other.

Why: Well, they’ve got the phrasing right. You’ll be heading face-first into this house party. Because to enter any ‘house party’ you have to be at least that amount of drunk.’s-A-House-Party-2.0-feat.-DeAndre/6e2cded0-9dfa-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


9) WeLove #208 4th B’day

12th July

What: Come celebrate 4 years of amazing events, epic tunes and beautiful amigos. The night will feature DJ Alvaro AM. Alvaro stands out on any dance floor due to his unique electronic rhythm and captivating bass-kick low sound.

Why: Finally. A birthday party that really captures what a birthday is: a day exactly the same as any other day but with the added pressure of attempting to find the experience in any way unique.’day/7cfcb980-9df0-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


8) History Through Whisky

11th July

What: The notorious tales of history will be brought to life through the glorious tastes of four whiskies. With drink in hand, your host will wind back the clock to reveal the stories and secrets of The Doss House , The Rocks and the spirited heritage of Sydney through the ages.

Why: Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Good thing, too. Without whisky-filled nights a large section of society would not be able to at least partially forget the hellish drudgery of their desk jobs, would eventually come to some self-affirming realisation that life is valuable and the economy would collapse.


7) Silvester’s Wine Dinner

10th July

What: You will be served five exquisite, contemporary courses showcasing a fusion of global flavours by Silvester’s Michelin Star-experienced French chef. Each menu item will be crafted from locally sourced all-Australian fresh produce and complemented by a selection of carefully paired Plantagenet Wines.

Why: Or you could spend the night eating whisky cereal and watching cartoons. It’s Silvester the gourmet or Sylvester the cat.’s-Wine-Dinner/5ae44e40-9df9-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


6) Arabesk: Live at The Boilerhouse

13th July

What: Arabesk play a brand of music that is often described as Gypsy Soul. For those looking to embark on a journey of authentic musical exploration, not contained by any cultural boundary, they are a band guaranteed to put some real “gypsy” in your “soul”. Come experience them live.

Why: A night so without boundaries you won’t even know when one song ends and the one begins. It’s impossible to tell. We’ve tried.


5) Princess & Pornstars XXL

13th July

What: By popular demand,’s infamously sexy tongue in cheek costume event is back. Polish up your tiara and reinforce those heels, or unleash that saucy inner pornstar alter ego…the choice is yours! Pimping your regal ‘n’ raunchy soundtrack will be club masters DJ Jonny Marsh, DJ Dom de Sousa, DJ Colin Gaff and more!

Why: Adorn yourself in the finest finery, practice your loftiest affectations and for one night experience the heady mindset of one of the most respected positions in the world. Or dress up as a princess.


4) The Whisky Club Birthday Party

11th July

What: The Whisky Club has teamed up with The GlenDronach to throw party extravaganzas all around Australia! Enjoy a whisky cocktail on arrival, five GlenDronach single malt whiskies, charcuterie and cheese boards, birthday (whisky) cake and lots of general banter and good times!

Why: You might as well celebrate their birthday. With the amount of whisky you’ll be drinking, you’re unlikely to see your next one.


3) Brunch feat. Baz, Cam, Jac & Jeff

7th July

What: Brunch at 77 will fuse music and late-night entertainment into a sorely needed daytime party. The bar will be mixing up twists on the classic Bloody Mary and Espresso Martinis and on the music front will be cutting-edge underground house.

Why: Hair of the dog? Or just shave the dog entirely and snort up the fur pile. You’ll need it to be able to endure house music on a Sunday morning.


2) Winterlust

13th July

What: A kinky winter escapade to entice you to the top floor. There will be a sexy Shibari performance on centre stage, you can ask an experienced Dominant to give you a sweet little taste of some rope play or a sensual flogging on the A-Frame or just sit back and watch in delight. Come to a play party that is out of the ordinary…a place of wonder.

Why: Nothing beats the winter blues like the scratchy red of BDSM rope burn.


1) Bastille French Festival 

11th-14th July

What: Bastille Festival Sydney​ is a free entry, French cultural celebration of food, wine and art. This year will feature: The Parisian Foodie Village​, The Gourmet Produce Alley​, Le Mulled Wine Cinema​ and The Family-Friendly French Village! Join the revolution!

Why: When Paris’ streets were bathed in the blood of the absolute monarchy and the empowered dregs of the former feudal system were watching King Louis XVI’s just execution with their eyes mad and their mouths watering, it was largely because they were picturing his severed head as a giant Camembert Arancini ball.

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