Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 07/04/2019

It’s officially April, Sydney. The defining event of this month has a family leant. Better get all your hard liquor in now.


10) Unico Zelo New Release Tasting

12th April

What: Showcasing some of the current releases from young up and comers Unico Zelo. Specialising in drought-resistant varieties such as Fiano and Nero d’Avola, these wines are deliciously drinkable and show fantastic varietal character as well as regionality. Phil Whyburn from Unico Zelo’s distributor Franc About Wine will be on hand to take customers through the wines.

Why: At least someone is preparing for the onslaught of global warming. When we’re standing in a barren, cracked and burning abyss of our own making it’s comforting to know we can still get drunk.


9) Nose to Tail Butchery

7th April

What: Work with Jeffrey and Andrew to create an extensive menu that will show you how many different dishes can be created using every part of the pig including the ‘lesser cuts’ that aren’t commonly used. It’s going to be a busy day with loads to do and there will be a sumptuous feast to eat upon completion with some nice chilled craft beers.

Why: If you missed the super director’s cut of Babe with the alternate pig autopsy ending.


8) The Wall ‘A New Era’

10th April

What: The first party at the new ‘home’ is a big deal for The Wall. They have curated the line-up out of some of the most loyal DJs and patrons in the history of The Wall. What a way to take a leap into the ‘New Era’… Together.

Why: We’re not ones to pass judgement over name choice…but…we must admit this is a smart one. What other reference in the current political and intellectual climate would make you want to get more drunk?‘A-New-Era’-ft.-The-Wall-STARS!/10660850-5677-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


7) Chivas: The Blend

10th April

What: The guided tasting hosted by Chivas Brand Ambassador, Emily Andrew, will allow you to learn about the craftsmanship of the Master Whisky Blender, while demystifying the world of whisky in a fun and informative way. What’s better, you get to create your own 200ml bottle of whisky, handcrafted from a combination of floral, citrus, fruity, creamy and smokey flavours.

Why: Basically moonshining in the city. None of the risk, all of the hipster pretence. Though that does mean we can’t guarantee there won’t be some version of ukuleles playing.


6) The Dining Room by CHEFIN

12th April

What: Sydney’s new pop-up social dining function venue! Step inside and you’ll immediately be transported back to Sydney’s grand history, complete with opulent decor. Come for the food and the extraordinary experience of the interior – there aren’t many places left like it in Sydney! Featuring wines chosen by in-house sommelier and cocktails designed by a resident mixologist.

Why: They so rarely talk about the prevalence of hipster pop-ups in 19th Century Sydney.


5) Bartolo Sundays x Never Never

7th April

What: A lazy Sunday afternoon at Caffe Bartolo spent with the creators of the world’s best classic gin, Never Never Distillery. (World Gin Awards, London, 2019). They will take you on a journey with four small cocktails matched with four small dishes over a two hour period. You will also have the chance to meet the creators of the Never Never Gins and taste and chat about how this small SA distillery has been able to create the world’s best classic gin.

Why: Because if there’s one thing everyone thinks of when they think of gin it’s definitely ‘cocktail degustation’ and not ’18th Century mass death’.


4) Do you like Pina Coladas?

12th April

What: Sydney renowned tiki nightspot Jacoby’s is hosting a fun filled tiki night filled with Pina Coladas and tropical fun for a Friday night! Come down and learn about what makes rum the tropical spirit and why tiki culture and Hawaiian shirts will always have a place in our hearts.

Why: Right next to that part of your heart that shudders intermittently from your more valid alcoholic choices.


3) World Malbec Day

12th April

What: Celebrate World Malbec Day with a specially designed tasting menu featuring the an exclusive selection of Malbec, courtesy of Artisan Malbec, paired with an assortment of canapés.

Why: A day dedicated to a specific grape. Who knew that was a thing? Just one day? Out of the whole year? We’ve…clearly been overdoing it.


2) Endless Summer Sundays

7th April

What: The new Central Coast Sunday session we have all been waiting for! Sit back and relax with water views and cocktails. Enjoy live music in the afternoon, and as the sun sets, get down under the stars with DJs Delicious, Rumble, Bassick, Trivaan, Monti and Deluxx.

Why: Considering it’s already April and the temperatures are still hitting heights of 30 degrees, it seems only apt that this event reference the ever-troubling intensification of global warming. 


1) Sydney Royal Easter Show

12th-23rd April

What: The Easter Show is a celebration of Australian culture, from rural traditions to modern day lifestyles, providing unique experiences for everyone. Every Easter, the country and city join together at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park, for nine days of agricultural competitions, animal experiences, live entertainment, carnival fun, shopping and much more.

Why: Judge the potency of a dog, decorate the carousel in bile-infused Cheese Burger Pie and romantically lather a chicken all at once. It is truly a singular event.

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