Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 05/08/2018

From guts to glory…or glory via guts, presents Sydney: Post Silver-Age. Strap in, Jimmy.


10) Vin Diemen

11th August

Ahh Tasmania. The natural beauty, the gourmet fare, the rich, full bodied selection of native wines, the implied by-virtue-of-isolation incest. This coming weekend, experience all but the most interesting two of the preceding sentence as Vin Diemen brings the pinnacle of Tasmania’s gastric talents to your our salivating port of entry.


9) Opihr World Adventure Cocktail Competition Final

7th August

Take your liver on one last trip round the world with the mixologist cocktail competition of a lifetime. Think of it like one of those make-a-wish foundation things except this time instead of meeting a slightly podgy off-the-clock Marvel actor, your little liver will be meeting its maker in style and ultimately accepting its soon to be violently deceased state.


8) Drink Us Dry

7th August

You read right. It’s Customs House Bar and they’re laughing at you. Cause they’ve seen your track record and frankly your shameful addictions don’t even scratch the surface of the things they’ve seen. Prove ’em wrong, dammit. Think is your chance to drink them dry. Literally. Legend says the fiercest amongst us will emerge on the Monday, our gums cracks and bloody from literally sucking the tap.


7) Aroma Coffee and Chocolate Festival

11th-12th August

This’ll get your heart pumping. Though they accept no criminal liability for the phenomenon. Yes, ‘ward off the winter chill’ with ‘some of the Hunter’s finest baristas, roasters and chocolatiers‘. Over 80 stalls of coffee and chocolate in one smallish area. Diabetes, heart attack; two birds, one stone.


6) Cala boca e me BEIJA!

11th-12th August

You heard google translate. A night that will ‘warm up in this land of kangaroos’ with Brazilian samba, naughty energy, Rio funk dance and putting your feet inside a jackfruit! (Again…uh…you heard google translate.)!-(Shut-Up-and-Kiss-Me!)/4d2a1b00-95e3-11e8-b46c-77c2608f137f


5) Sertão Mix Festival

5th August

The first in your second Brazilian for the week. You…may want to think about applying some aloe vera in between. 9 Hours. 5 live Bands. A grand celebration of all things Brazilian. …Pra Caramba!


4) The South Coast Craft Beer & Burger Festival

11th August

Let’s face it. The time for kidding ourselves has long since past. Time now to punch the accelerator on the road to the grave. Might as well come prepared with some quality road trip eats instead of having to stop at some truck stop McDonalds where they’ve already got a picture of you and your long history of fake checking accounts.


3) Not Wine and Cheese

7th August

Don’t worry, though. This is isn’t some kind of anti-cheese healthy MMA session for the over 50s set. This is a crash course in how to kill your liver and your colon…faster. By nixing the wine for the whisky, for the vodka, for the brethren of the hard liquor and post-cheese colonics. It’s a good brethren. Colonics come free with the club dues.


2) P!NK – The Beautiful Trauma Tour

6th-12th August

One hell of a pyrotechnical stunt spectacle to compensate for other possibly…lacking elements.


1) Jimmy Webb

5th August

With his own friends and keys and credit cards. One of America’s greatest song writers – though in the current climate that standard has undoubtedly been warped in some strange manner – is coming back to Australian shores joined by Barnesy, David Campbell Kate Ceberano, Ed Kuepper and Ian Moss.

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