Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 03/02/2019

It’s February. The festive season is officially over. Time to return to normality. And by that of course we mean clandestine alcoholism.


10) Blackout Pub Crawl

8th February

What: Dress in all black as you party across Sydney with the best mix of internationals, students, and locals! Experience for yourself Sydney’s highest rated pub crawl!

Why: A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. But in this case they’ve actually called it ‘blackout’. So morally you’re off the hook too.


9) Homemade ft. KYRO

9th February

What: KYRO is back for another jaw-dropping performance! Ladies take note and wear dance-appropriate shoes because KYRO will have you on your feet and dancing the night away!

Why: We’ll admit we didn’t know who or what Kyro was, but after listening to a few samples of this music mixer, we can’t argue against the notion that Kyro will have you on your feet. On your feet is the only way you will be able to escape the amplified sound of a preteen’s experiments with MixPad.


8) Chin Chin Sydney Chinese New Year Banquet

8th February

What: Celebrate the Lunar New Year with a Chinese New Year Banquet, specially curated by Executive Chef Graeme Hunt. Be entertained with Chinese Lion Dancing Performers, thirst-quenching drinks and plenty of good fortune for the year ahead!

Why: There’s no better way to drown yourself in another culture than literally with alcohol.


7) Contemporary Cocktails

7th February

What: Cocktail guru Ben Davidson will take you through how to make 4 delicious cocktails using premium spirits and lovely fresh ingredients, which you will try. Each attendee will end the session with an Espresso Martini.

Why: It’s like one of those moronic new age cooking classes your worst acquaintance keeps harping on about except with liquor; vastly superior and you won’t come out of it with a stomach full of kale-induced methane.


6) emersion #2 Boat Party – #170 + Echo Nights

9th February

What: Get out on one of the world’s best harbours. With the ‘Supercat’ as the vessel, you’ll float around with amazing music for 5 hours covering 2 floors with prog rock and tech minimal vibes.

Why: What better way to enjoy prog rock and tech minimal than on an isolated boat far, far away from the rest of us?


5) Bondi Beats: Sun Gazing, Music & Celebration

7th February

What: Meet new friends, sun gaze, meditate, play music, connect, ground and feel uplifted on the shores of Bondi in this festival of vibes.

Why: Or, in other words, grind against strangers, contract skin cancer, drink, pluck the one chord you know and, eventually, uplift the contents of your stomach into the ocean.


4) The Island LIVE: Norman Jay MBE & DJ Marky

8th February

What: The Island LIVE returns with a very special international double-header. Norman Jay helped birth the ‘Rare Groove’ movement, pushing the boundaries of the UK’s club culture. DJ Marky took his sound from Sao Paulo to London forging close relations with Hype and Goldie and landing a residency at the iconic End nightclub.

Why: Second wave funk and Brazilian bass? Well, it’s like a cultural education for all you dreadlocked white kids but you don’t have to understand any of the deep-rooted implications. This event is almost…posing as something it’s not.


3) Waitangi Day with Garage Project

6th February

What: To celebrate Waitangi Day the crazy people from Garage Project we will coming in to showcase their beers. The beers to be featured are: Hapi Daze Pacific Ale, Garagista IPA, White Mischief Peach Sour and Pernicious Weed IIPA.

Why: Beer? Respectful cultural acknowledgement? Not actually having to live in New Zealand? Need we say more?


2) Red Hot Summer Tour Bella Vista 2019 feat. Chocolate Starfish, Richard Clapton, Diesel, The Living End, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts and Jimmy Barnes

3rd February

What: The red hot summer tour is back featuring Australia’s favourite son Jimmy Barnes, Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, The Living End, Diesel, Richard Clapton and Chocolate Starfish.

Why: Hey kid, wanna see a dead body? How bout six?


1) St Jerome’s Laneway Festival 

3rd February

What: With Australian debuts from future RnB superstar JORJA SMITH, beloved heartstring puller REX ORANGE COUNTY, teen sensation CLAIRO, hip hop’s brightest new star DENZEL CURRY plus unmissable sets from the mighty GANG OF YOUTHS (their headline set will be their last Australian appearance for a very long time), peerless electronic pioneer JON HOPKINS, Australian songwriter royalty COURTNEY BARNETT and much, much more, the original boutique touring festival is setting up to be the highlight of your summer.

Why: If the highlight of your summer is listening to generic pop on a hot patch of land, well, we can’t help but feel this is one argument in favour of denying the existence of global warming. We can’t begin to imagine how tedious every other season of the year must be for you. Why not make the hottest season get progressively longer, year after year, until you finally die on the same hot patch of land from heat exhaustion and stop depressing your loved ones?’s-Laneway-Festival-2019-Sydney/f9d35160-1a12-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192

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