Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 02/09/2018

Spring’s here, Sydney, so shed your skin and pop the top. We’ll show you ours if you show us yours.


10) Lemons 19th Birthday Party

7th September

Yes, we could make up some half-assed truism about making lemonade, but frankly, lemonade is possibly the worst outcome of one of the most versatile fruits. So, we’ve brought you this. An all-female line up hosted by queer community favourite Antonio Mantonio to celebrate the 19th birthday of Lemons at Gingers Lounge seranded by Ladyhood…who ain’t no lady.


9) Science Space Up Late with Pink Floyd

7th September

Ahhh, the seventies laser show. A far cry from what the kids do now to get second-hand high. But we digress. Science Space Wollongong is launching an immersive classic 70s-style Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon planetarium show. Though we can’t promise the fumes drifting from the back row will be from more than just the overworked lighting generator, we’re not saying you kids don’t have your own ways of elevating your consciousness. Nutmeg, anyone?


8) The Entrance Food & Wine Festival

8th September

Who says you can’t be classy and blasted? Clearly someone who hasn’t heard of the inaugural Wine by the Lakes Food and Wine Festival. So…well, we guess that’s everyone, seeing at it’s the inaugural event. Sorry…we’ve had a few. But honestly, with all this gourmet fare, the surrounds of a pristine lake and a barrage of the most hipster food trucks imaginable, who’s actually gonna be able to tell?


7) MUTO – Arcane EP Tour

2nd September

A sonic roller-coaster. That’s how this guy’s EPs so far have been described. The Red Rattler is playing host to this savant of pseudo-music’s (electro) newest EP Tessellating, and you’re invited to surrender your mental state to his shiny metal claws.


6) Harley-Davidson 115th Anniversary Party

8th September

Violent union uprisings, racism-driven tariffs, pro-confederate leanings, crooked stock manipulation – if that doesn’t spell freedom on two wheels we don’t know what does. That’s right it’s the 115th Anniversary Party of the Harley Davidson motorcycle. So grease your inner thighs, holster your pipe wrench and get ready to deny the fact that you’re a middle aged sales manager.


5) The Experiment

7th September

The fringe makes an appearance later in this list, but if you’re one of us (gooble gobble) you know that the fringes of the fringe are where the real freaks dwell: across three mediums of music, film and performance, this is a night of unpredictable entertainment…so unpredictable in fact that they haven’t even specified what its going to be.


4) Jam in a Jar

6th September

Let it glob all over you, Sydney. A music festival with a difference, spreading the passion for mental health awareness. That probably explains why the festival is an all-DJ. set. The participation of any live ska bands would just be antithetical.


3) Heavy Petting Zoo

5th September

We really don’t feel we have to sell you on this one per se. Just know the horseplay here will involve more than just doggy style, kitty cat.


2) Unicorns – The Enchanted Forest

8th September

Except in this one there are no incestuous cannibals. Unless that’s your act. Yes, enter into a world of ‘gay-as goblins and fierce femme fatales’ dressed in your freakiest ethereal-iest woodland get up for a night of live entertainment and a 60 sec open mic of sorts wherein you can drunkenly assault the crowd with whatever you’ve secretly built up in your head as a ‘talent’.


1) Sydney Fringe Festival

28th August-30th September

Voila! Wait…no. That doesn’t seem experimental enough. Uh…check out these tits! Close enough. Yes, this year The Sydney Fringe is turning nine and is upping their revelatory and comedic game. “From activating unused buildings, unlocking hidden gems and presenting major outdoor activations, the Sydney Fringe Festival connects you to the city in new ways. We are an annual snapshot of how Sydney feels, where we are and where we are heading.” With a full program of organs-out comedy and expression, expect this Fringe to be the most wildly nebulous investment you’ve ever made. And that includes your own marriage.

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