Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 31/03/2019

Strap in, Sydney. This week will have you ripping through fences and licking the walls.


10) Martine Emdur Exhibition Opening

4th April

What: Please join Martine Emdur and the Nanda\Hobbs team for the opening of Undercurrent: a new media fine art exhibition.

Why: Contemporary art. New media contemporary art. Pack a flask of something murky. Nothing’s more funny when you’re pissed than someone wildly over-pronouncing misused French terms.


9) The Walkley Fund for Journalism Dinner

5th April

What: Hosted by: Samantha Armytage, hear about the stories that made a difference from past and present Walkley winners. Proceeds from the dinner go towards the Walkley Foundation Public Fund, that helps ensure Australia continues to benefit from the kind of ground-breaking public interest journalism so important to our communities and democracy, strengthening the bonds of trust between the media and the communities they share.

Why: Nothing says trustworthy like racist host. And we’re not being facetious. It’s not as though you can’t trust a racist to be racist. That’s one of the loveliest things about them.


8) 9th Smart City Expo 2019

2nd April

What: Smart City Expo combines the power of co-located conference with state-of-the-art expo floor in order to educate people towards smart cities and urban planning technologies, strive for innovation, promote business and connect thousands of attendees from around the globe.

Why: It’s a conference dedicated to urban planning. And it’s the ninth one. Apparently it took an entire conference to compensate for the eyesore that is the UTS building by….adding a gigantic expensive brown paper bag.


7) Spectrum Sydney

4th April

What: Be the first to experience the Wattyl Spectrum event designed specially for architects and designers, where paint and colour come alive! Enjoy cocktails and canapes throughout the evening, as well as prize giveaways including a 13-day Architecture and Design Tour of Germany. Spectrum is sure to enlighten and inspire you.

Why: It’s a grown-up version of Art Attack. But with a host that’s on fewer hard drugs.


6) Exhibition Opening: Chinese Contemporary Art Month

5th April

What: For a fourth consecutive year, Chinese Contemporary Art Month 2019 will be launched on 05 April. Following the success since its inauguration in 2016, this year’s Chinese Contemporary Art Month includes one theme exhibition, one lecture, and associated exhibitions. It aims to present the development status of Chinese contemporary art to Australian audiences through these events and to promote communication and cooperation between Chinese and Australian artists and institutions.

Why: A brilliant way to cram in your intellectual and cultural quota for the week. And it’s the opening. There’ll be liquor.


5) A Happening: An Interactive Event with John Wolseley

6th April

What: You are invited by the artist to enter the Umwelt – the ‘life world’ of insects – and find your inner beetle. John Wolseley has been creatively exploring Australia’s flora, fauna and complex environmental systems for over 30 years. This is John Wolseley’s 7th exhibition at Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery.

Why: You know what they say about artists who have only been exhibited exclusively by a small obscure gallery. They’re quality.


4) Sample Coffee x Tea Craft: Chasing Seasons

6th April

What: Widen your horizons with a tea tasting experience. Tea Craft takes over the Sample Coffee Tasting Sessions for a FREE one-off event to discuss tea seasonality, giving you guidance to pick what’s best at any point in the year. Taste and talk through your tea expectations from around the globe.

Why: Because the one thing more pretentious than an artisanal tea-drinker is an artisanal tea-discusser. Should be an interesting experience.


3) stART

6th April

What: Kickstart your inner artist at the official launch of the Bayside Arts Festival! Lots to see and do, including a range of free art and craft activities. Aussie Night Markets will be hosting a special food event with 30+ stalls and kids activities between 11am and 9pm in the same vicinity!

Why: There’s no better place to compensate for your broken dreams than a community art festival wherein the most sophisticated pieces consist of coloured sand and earrings made from beer bottle caps.


2) K x Comedy Club!

4th April

What: K X COMEDY CLUB brings a handpicked line up of Sydney’s best comedians with national and international guests for a comedy showcase that will have you die laughing.

Why: Better than dying of quiet melancholy. At least someone’ll hear something’s gone wrong and alert the authorities before your lonely, isolated body starts to smell.!/5226bdb0-533a-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


1) Hyper Real: An Immersive Dining Experience

4th April

What: Join the movement become a part of this new experience. Touch: Cut through the metal fence and lick the walls, you become a part of the art installations. This is a full throttle sensory experience. Sound: Add a pinch of ground breaking performance and delicious sound design for your aural pleasure. Taste: Five interactive food and beverage experiences. The menu is specially curated by Executive chef Graeme Hunt in collaboration with Offerings and her signature experiences! Art: THE STATEMENT IS CLEAR: We are obliged to reconstruct and recreate.

Why: We don’t need to point out the gratuitous nature of this event. But at least for once you won’t be licking the wall just because Bowie’s face is on it.

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